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At Least We Know with Revolution |

Those looking forward to the PS3 are swimming in an ether. An ether that does not exist for Nintendo fans. At least they know that they won’t be getting any more Revolution news until E3:

Speaking to US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, Fils-Aime said: “Come [May], we’ll disclose a lot more. After, we’ll disclose even more, and right about the time of the launch, we’ll disclose even more… I’m talking beyond the controller, the virtual console; all the different elements we’ll be sharing all the way up to launch.”

It would be nice if Sony could throw us a bone like this. – Revolution won’t be revealed until E3, says Fils-Aime

  • Isn’t there a PlayStation Conference this month?

  • Devstation is for developers under NDA. That’s a known, scheduled event. The PlayStation Conference, however, doesn’t have a date yet! I’m getting a little skeptical about its existence.

  • Oh! I thought it was scheduled for a Febuary showing!

  • Yes, it was scheduled for a February showing. But if it to be in February, wouldn’t the date have been announced by now?

  • Yeah very true, and very disapointing, i was hoping we would learn alot more. Hopefully come e3 (or atleast during) we’ll find out alot more.

    But can they really still hit that Spring launch target?

  • Black Guy

    They’ll show something by E3 even its just more videos & exaggerrated claims.

    Ken: “PS3 is not only capable of rendering Finding Nemo in realtime, but with the advance Cell processor, it can render the live action movie, KING KONG. YEAH!!!” Ques in a video clip from the King King movie; then proceeds to drop the BS that its running on the PS3 hardware.

    Fans: “King Kong in realtime, iCan’t wait. Killzone 2 & Motorstorm videos look so ancient now. PS3 will owns! X360 is really only Xbox 1.5.Revolution is a repackaged GameCube.”

    Seriosly though, they have to show off the PS3 if only to let the public know the PS3 is not just vaporware. You know MS will b out in force with X360 and every member of the press will be proclaiming Revo as the greatest thing since multigrain bread. Please don’t mention that its Sony strategy to remain mysterious; mystery can only keep someones interest for so long. Sony is nothing like Apple, they can’t play that game especially since the PS division is what has primarily kept them afloat in recent years. The marketplace is different now. The landscape is occupied by two heavyweights, one of which is serious about knocking Sony of its high horse. iDoubt they will be employing the strategy they used with DC by which they unveiled the PS2 3 days b4 launch.

    If they wait that long and don’t show something substanstial @ E3, ppl will begin to loose confidence in them; especially if the Revo is hot as the media is anticipating.

  • I don’t think it’s Sony’s strategy to be mysterious. I think that they’re so steeped in the culture of keeping secrets that they can’t do it any other way, even if they should.

    There’s no arguing that giving the public some details would be a good thing. There’s just too much bad press going around for Sony not to do something. But they just ignore it, even though they should respond. This is a bad thing, and Sony doesn’t seem to be learning.

    (King Kong and Finding Nemo? I don’t remember Ken saying that. Interesting. Do you have a link?)

  • Black Guy

    Finding Nemo/King Kong claims haven’t been made yet. Don’t tell me u 4got already that I’m an analyst? iGet paid to make baseless predications! Really, iWas just mocking Ken’s practice on making outrageous claims for the PS products & ppl just eating it up. Although iWouldn’t b surprised if he did say something to that effect.

    The point was that if nothing is shown @ E3, they will make further claims & promises regarding the PS3 in an effort to keep consumers’ interest.

  • what about

  • OK so links don’t work…..

    what about this

  • Yes, that’s a developer’s conference. Unless developers under NDA decide to break their NDA’s to give us some info, we probably won’t be finding out anything new.