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My new PSP |

I gotta say I’m really digging my PSP. Yesterday I got a wireless router. (Which, by the way, works great. It’s a Belkin and works better than my DLink did.) And now I can check the email and my RSS feeds right from my PSP! That’s so cool.

I also recently bought Burnout Legends. I’m disappointed that my favourite track from Burnout: Revenge isn’t in there (at least not yet) but other than that it’s a great game. Though I didn’t realize that it only did online via adhoc mode. I wondered why nobody was ever available online to play. Duh…

And since I’m not really into the homebrew scene I just upgraded to firmware 2.6. I hope that wasn’t a mistake.

Is there a mini keyboard available for this thing? I’m getting tired of typing in letters the hard way.

Oh yeah. I have to relate this to the PS3 somehow. Um… ah well. Whatever.

  • Gary

    Bah PSP!! I’m not at all jealous. Not one little bit. No siree!

  • Jordan

    Why did they make the UMD so slow!!! GameBoy is pickup and play… perfect on the road.

    Other than that (and not including a second anologue stick which makes 3D impossible… except for Xmen Legends style third person) it really is a slick piece of hardware.

    But if they fixed those two issues, it could have been the machine of the century!

  • Black Guy

    iThink the PSP is a sexy little beast but Sony is not realizing its true potential as a serious gaming platform. Sony seems to b marketing the devices multimedia functions over its gaming ability; just look @ the commercials. The PSP was suppose to b a portable PS2 & its not even doing that well. If it wasn’t 4 the PSP’s other abilities, it would b selling well which is garbage depending on u’r perspective.

    Why does everyone make an issue about the 2nd analogue stick? Recall that back in the Saturn, PS1, and N64 days, how many analogue sticks did we have? 1 and many 3d gamesof all genres worked just fine. Its up to developers to implement the control properly. Heck, the DS has none and its doing pretty well.

    In spite of that, iStill enjoy my PSP but iRarelly play on the go ‘cuz of the atrocious load times. Prince of Persia! Man, iGo make make dinner between levels… watch a 30 minute show… its that bad. Lumines & Ridge Racer is pretty good though.

  • Burten

    I got my PSP two weeks ago, along with GTA Liberty City Stories. Many people complain about the loading-time on PSP, but for GTA its not that bad.. Considering the size of the game, anyway.

    If the mini-keyboard isn’t allready in stores, it’s just a matter of time. About the 2.6Update and homebrew, I think there’s allready a kind-of-crack out. Something like playing Tetris with the GTA-umd… I don’t know.
    But if you wanna get into homebrewing, there’s lots of apps that can “downdate” the firmware 😉 Theres alot of homebrew-pages on the http://www…..

    If I should complain about something, it has to be the web-browser. Why cant they make the screen to fit right?? I hate sidescrolling!

    And one cool thing…?

    Location Free Player!

  • My problem is that twice now it’s said that my system setting file is corrupt and I had to enter all that stuff over again. Anybody know what that is?

  • Burten

    I got something like that the day after I bought it, but I thought that it was just me fooling around in the settings….