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PS3 HDD? |

engadget thinks that there may be an HDD in the PS3 after all:

However, we were struck by the statement in a BusinessWeek article about the PS3 that the console would boast “a huge hard disk to store photos, music, and TV shows.” Given that the article appears to get just about everything else right, and was written by Japan-based reporter Kenji Hall — who apparently had direct access to Sony brass — it would seem odd for this to be simply a mistake. (And Hall seems to know his Sony history, pointing out elsewhere in the article that the failed PSX did have a hard drive). It looks like the case of the PS3 hard drive goes back into the unsolved mysteries file for now.

I have to admit that I gotta take this with a huge grain of salt. Sony’s looking at an expensive machine already, and their main competition isn’t requiring an HDD. So I severely doubt that all PS3’s will come with an HDD bundled in.

But I wouldn’t mind being wrong.

Engadget – PS3 to have a hard drive after all?

  • emanuel

    Yeah their competition isn’t requiring one, but needs one as a standard. Lets hope sony includes one, because the ways it’s looking a 4x blu-ray drive will cost more than a 1x drive and the read speed isn’t all that great i heard. But who knows, i’m pretty sure Sony will make a bug free machine.

  • Yeah, I’m more worried about the read speed of the BD drive than I am about an included HDD. Ideally I’ll take both a 4x BD drive AND an HDD, but who knows what Sony will decide?

  • Black Guy

    “The competition is not requiring one but needs one as a standard?”

    That comment has 2 positions related in such a way that it is impossible 4 both to b true. iWish ppl would stop talking about the X360 in a feeble attempt to find fault w/ it when they r clearly bustling w/ ignorance. There r no games out now that require the HD – that could change – and if there isn’t a broadband connection, Xbox Live is mute. Those two simple facts alone r evident enough that having a HD on the X360 is not required. For indiduals under these circumstances, a memory card will serve just fine as it has in the past generations.

    iHave a HD & a memory card 4 my X360. iUse the memory card as my default save locations 4 games ‘cuz I’m usually on the go and like to take my save data & games w/ me when iPlan on visiting a fellow X360 owner along the way. The ONLY time iUse the HD is 4 Live downloads; if it wasn’t for that iWouldn’t need it. Bottom line, the HD is not necessary unless u plan to use specific functions which r not essential to the primary gaming functions of the system.

    As far as Sony releasing the HD w/ their system, iWIl b surprised if they do. iDon’t know what the price of the PS3 will b, but the price of just the blue-ray, bluetooth, GB lan, & dual HDMI tech certainly must b pushing the price of this thing into dangerous territory. The exclusion of the HD from the PS3 will b 1 of the easiest way to cut costs to keep the price within reasonable limits. Even w/ all the tech & promises Sony is pushing 4 the PS3, general consumers will still regard the product as a game system & its conceivalbe that most will not pay top dollor to get 1. Sony has to keep their price low especially considering the gambles their taking.