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PlayStation HUB Unearthed |

PS3Next Generation magazine thinks they’ve unearthed some goods on both Sony’s online strategy and on the PlayStation 3 release date. First of all, PlayStation HUB is to be launched with services similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Chat, downloadable demos, independent games, online play, and media content such as music and movies are all purported to be part of the service. The service would also include the PSP (yay!) and would be subscriber based, hinting at a monthly charge (boo!).

I wonder if all the services will be fee based or only some of them? It’s probably in their best interest to make game demos and movie trailers and the like all free. At least so I’m hoping, because I don’t really want to subscribe to another monthly bill.

Next Generation magazine also thinks that the PlayStation 3 will be released in September – probably on the 16th in Japan and the 21st in the U.S.

What do ya think? Fact or fiction?

Next Generation – PS3 HUB; September Launch

  • Black Guy

    iWonder what all the X360 haters got to say now after bashing Live for being a paid service. A service like this has to be fee based to support to necessary infastructure.

  • Simple answer:

    We say “Doh!”.

  • All downloadable content on Xbox Live is available via the free Xbox Live “Silver” Service, so chances are if this is true, Sony will do the same or similar.

  • Well if a nominal monthly fee or yearly fee, would cut down on the amount of cheating and unsportsmanship(gamesmanship?) I’ve had to deal with online, I believe it would be WELL worth it.
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