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What would you like to see? |

Slow news day today, so I thought I’d put it out to you folks. I know I have lots of lurkers who read this site and never post anything (which is fine!), and I also know I have many people who read my words via my RSS feed.

First of all, thank-you. It’s strange knowing that there’s a bunch of people out there who read the words that I type. So thanks – it gives me the warm fuzzies. 😉

Second, what would you like to see more of? I’ve created some forums that nobody seems to use, so I’m pretty sure that’s not what you want! 🙂 But seriously, I’d like to hear from all you lurkers and RSS readers who don’t normally say anything. That’s fine, but today it would be nice if you popped out of your shell for a hello, or a question, or most especially, a suggestion.

So take a chance! I can’t make this site any better if I don’t know what you guys want. So lets hear it.

And while I’ve got your ear, all of you out there who do contribute comments, I’d like to say a special thank-you. For those of you who don’t have a blog, you don’t realize the importance that us bloggers place on comments. Seeing that people respond to what you write with comments of their own is great. And those of you who do comment, please consider getting a Gravatar. They’re free, and make the site more fun.

  • Theres nothing much more you can do, you offer the latest PlayStation 3 news do some good featured articles, offer us a forum and a regularly updated Poll so i don’t see much that you can add to be honest.

  • I’ve been a lurker for a while. I might have commented once or twice in the past, I can’t recall. I admit I usually read the blog from work on Bloglines, so I don’t really have time to comment usually. I’m a bad blog commenter. 🙁 But, I really do enjoy the site, its one of my main sources of PS3 news and info. So, while I don’t really have any suggestions, I will say keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Thanks Hiro and Chad!

    One of the things I wonder when I see sites like PS3 Today, is how they get so many people to comment? It’s not unusual to see more than 100 people comment on a post, which is just amazing!

  • Yeah i know what you mean, my site hit’s have been increasing, i’m gettin a few thounsand unique visitors per day and still i’m looking to get 5 comments on a post, alot of them go uncommented.

    I try to post comments but alot of the time i either don’t have anything useless to say or don’t have time

  • You guilted me into posting a comment. I like your insight and I am jonesing for the PS3 so I check your blog almost every day. I would love to hear more about the PS3’s mutimedia capabilities and one thing I especially enjoy is news and pictures/vids of games in development.

    My two cents, just keep up the good work Henning.

  • Hey Hiro – you’re one my my best commenters, thanks!

    Bill C – Thanks for reading and for your comment, I appreciate it. I’ll try to take your suggestions into account.

  • Problem is Bill, what can we go off? Sony and developers are being extremely tight lipped about everything, so it’s difficult, the only things we can go off is what we where shown at e3 last year.

    Hopefully we’ll see more stuff at GDC and E3, will be my first place to visit for the latest.

  • i wonder if i post a comment, will it add to the top of the other comments, or to the bottom

    hey dudes whassup, belgium represent.

  • bottom it is.
    so i guess I’ll make myself an avatar now


  • Just keep up your hard work, everyone will be flooded during E3 :p

  • Gary

    Henning you are doing a great job and as you know I mainly contribute in your forum but as hardly anyone *hint hint* seems to post in there (it gets lonely sometimes people!) I’ve started leaving comments on your blog. I always check here 1st for my PS3 news. How about adding colour? Or color??? Nah it’s fine the way it is plus your colour (color?) scheme matches the PS3s. Please post in the forum people. If you have any news at all or want any questions answered don’t be a stranger. UK is in da house!! Erm I’d better leave now.

  • Yeah, speaking of the forums, is there anything Gary and I can do to incite you to start posting there?

  • Black Guy

    iTry to leave my thoughts on the posts but very seldom do I ignite any dialogue which iDo find interesting when it happens. Maybe iGet limited response cuz there too long long, too short, too confrontational, who knows… When iStumbled upon this place iThough iHad found an intelligent forum; but no one really participates or they “take things the wrong way”. It was refreshing cuz the fanboy sites r just littered w/ flame wars & I’m not into that. iHave a X360 which iThink is hot & I’m still anxious about the PS3… so thats me where its @.

    The layout & design of the site is great; much better than the other cluttered garbage I’ve seen. iDo have some suggestions but they are only superficial & probably won’t solve u’r problems immediately. However, iDo Think that u should leave a parting comment @ the end of u’r post that would stimulate participation. What I’ve noticed @ other sites – like for example – the author usually leaves a relevant comment & the forums light up; a lot more than the post w/o commentary. After u’ve gained some traction is the regard, u may no longer have to do that; but it could help.

  • Black Guy

    B4 i 4get, the site is quality…iAppreciate u’r efforts 4 what its worth. iAlways peep here 1st 4 some PS news.

  • johndoe

    More hard facts, interviews, and screenshots and less circular rumor and suspect speculation.

  • Project51

    From Philippines:

    I’m an Xbox fanboy, but I read also your blog EVERYDAY. Hehe. You have the most complete info regarding PS3… so just post anything regarding the HARDWARE PS3.

    I want to see comparison between Xbox and PS3 !!! even though I know already the differences, I still like to see them which loses.

  • Actually johndoe I would love to post more hard facts and less speculation, but unfortunately Sony’s keeping things pretty close to the vest right now. When facts become available I post them.

  • johndoe

    Henning, I know 🙂 Sorry, you asked what we wanted and I couldn’t resist answering honestly even if my answer was unreasonable.

    Seriously though, you could go the extra mile and do more investigative digging and interviews rather than simply reposting stories from elsewhere. This is a great site though, and i thank you for it.

  • Hey Henning, i’ve just added a bunch of feed subscribe options to my website, is it possible to monitor how much hits i receive through these?

    As for interviews they are extremely difficult to get, for a number of reasons, the website isnt the biggest (Gamespot, IGN etc.) plus alot of developers aren’t willing to talk at the moment.

  • It might be worth adding, i’ve tried numerous times to get developers for an interview for my Xbox 360 website and i’ve failed everytime.

  • I tried to get an interview unsuccessfully myself. They just say they’re under NDA and can’t talk. (At least they replied!)

  • vames

    Well i’m a lurker too 🙂 been lurking since last year 😀 anyhow i know this is a one man show but certain news about the playstation 3 are not posted ere plus you need lots of videos and pictures and never stop trying to get interviews it shows determination thus someone will eventually give in. Oh i’m a jamaican

  • Jordan

    I want to the the “X comments, Post a Comment” at the BOTTOM of each post. As strange as it sounds, having to scroll back up is a deterant to posting and I want to instantly know how many comments were posted right after reading your article.

  • Hey henning, what about a Podcast?

  • Leo

    yup, this is a great lil’ PS3 site. Perhaps when the media starts flowing over the next months you can point us towards the latest stuff on or sony has got to show off a few playable games really soon if they want people to wait a year and not buy an xbox360