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Pulling out of 9rules |

As of Friday I have pulled and out of the 9rules Network. To be clear: it’s not because of the recent “purge” of sites that don’t fit at 9rules. I think there’s nothing wrong with 9rules kicking out certain sites that are not being maintained or do not fit the 9rules profile. This isn’t about that. So I was not removed by 9rules, nor was I asked to leave.

I just felt that I didn’t belong in the network anymore, and now I’ll have to see where things go from here. They’ve brought many readers to my sites, and for that I thank them.

So long and thanks for all the fish.



    😀 seriously man, dont shut this site down!

  2. i know this place trough ps3countdown anyways
    fck 9rules!

  3. 9rules is a great network, PS3Blog isnt shutting down though.

  4. so what’s the real reason you pulled out ?

  5. As you’ve probably noticed, I am still updating and This decsion to withdraw from 9rules in no way affects my commitment to these sites.

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