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Pre-ordered my PS3! |

On the weekend at I noticed some people said that they could pre-order PlayStation 3’s at Toys ‘R Us in Canada. So I sauntered (read: drove like a maniac) over to my local Toys ‘R Us, and sure enough, Saturday was the first day of taking pre-orders. I was actually the first guy to pre-order a PS3, they hadn’ even set up the sign yet. I saw the letters laid out for the sign, and interestingly, it said that you could pre-order both PS3’s and Revolutions! So all you Nintendo nuts out there, take note.

So they hadn’t set up the sign, and they hadn’t printed out the tickets yet either. So I waited around and chatted with the cashier about the PS3 while waiting for the manager dude to set me up. So I put my receipt and ticket in a very safe place for retrieval come this fall (hopefully). They asked for a $50 deposit, which they said was refundable if I decided to change my mind about the pre-order.

Anybody else pre-order their PS3 yet?

  • francois

    I am willing to! I’ll go at St-Laurent, thanks for letting us know

  • Gary

    Phtt! Preorder a PS3. It will be a cold day in Hell before I even know when the PS3 will be released over here in the U.K.

    But if preorders were available over here then I would preorder mine.

    Do you know how it will work, this pre-order business?

    First come first serve or will it turn into a joke like the 360’s pre-order farce?

    I’m blaming the retailers not Microsoft for the pre-order fiasco.

    Did they say you would definitely get your PS3?

  • No problem.

  • Still no word on US Toys R Us? Though i dont plan to preorder :p

  • I don’t know, sorry. I’d call them up to find out.

  • I’d personally wait til we know more, Price, Date, Launch titles, then make my decision. Same goes for Revolution.

  • I am going to Toys r us in Chicago tomorrow. Like Hiro, I was waiting to hear a launch date but $50 won’t break me and I know I want it on the launch.

  • not in belgium you can’t

  • ToysR Us said March 3rd. I am not holding my breathe.

  • Really? I want to get another ps3…well.. I’m trying to get at least 1 at launch. It’s gonna be difficult, but I’ll try 🙂

  • Guy who preordered too!

    As soon as you said pre-order I rushed over to the ebgames beside one of my offices in Toronto (they have a shit load of weather issues), and sure enought there it was! Viva la PSTrois

  • lkh

    i heard that the ps3 wont be released until november in the uk !?!?!?!?!?!
    and that it will be a lot more expensive than the £200 ps2

  • Yes, and yes.

  • zzk201

    May, 11, 2006
    i have found No place in USA that has preoder for Ps3 i have checked
    Toys-R-Us EBgames, Gamestop, Walmart, Bestbuy.

  • I don’t really like how Toys ‘R’ Us is handling the preorder stuff, so I will be preordering at another location as well. I was talking to EBGames, and they said now that a price and release date have been announced, they’ll be taking preorders pretty soon. They asked me to call back after E3. So I’ll be calling Monday!

  • ell

    I never buy technology related items on the release date because there is always going to be glitched and shit. I will wait until after x-mas probably and then it will be cheaper and it will have package deals. I can also compare it to the 360 by then because there’s no point in having both I am going to choose one or the other.

  • I got a PS2 at launch and it’s still working fine.

  • PS3 man

    I called toys r us and they only took orders from January till May and they not accepting any more and ebgames says they might have it by the end of October which is kind of late so i am looking around and there is nothing at all in toronto that is accepting pre order does anyone know who is currently pre selling the ps3?

  • Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve been trying to find an alternate place to pre-order from, in case Toys ‘R’ Us falls through. The Sony Store told me they’d be taking pre-orders, but when I called them a couple weeks later they said that they wouldn’t. EBGames said that they don’t even know IF they’ll be doing preorders or not. Microplay said that they’ll do so once they know how many machines they’re getting.