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It looks like Sony will be offering downloadable games for the PS3 in South Korea and “elsewhere in Asia”. What about North America? I really have no idea if I want these downloadable games – I’d have to see them first. Or try a demo. But the fact is, I want the option. I’m tired of features being offered in one region that aren’t in another. Today I bought a Mazda3, but I couldn’t get the xenon headlights that are offered to Americans. Bummer. The same thing goes for PS3 online content. If they have it, we should have it. Right?


Bah, we might get it anyway. Who knows?

Gamasutra – Yasuda: Sony Planning PS3 Downloadable Games In Asia

  • Gary

    Try living in Europe.

    We have to wait months before we get the same games that you North Americans get. Sometimes we never get the games at all!

    Everybody should have access to the same service regardless of where you are located.

    There will still be delays because of the translation and other refinements process etc.