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PS3 and Piracy |

PS3 Center has an interesting article about piracy on the PlayStation 3. But I’m not sure he’s on the mark about everything:

With dual-layer Blu-ray discs storing up to 50GB, the question quickly becomes how would pirates even distribute the games? While bandwidth is certainly getting cheaper, connection speed would bottleneck any piracy efforts. A relatively speedy 768kbps internet connection would face download times in excess of two weeks to obtain a single game via BitTorrent, and a Square Enix release spanning multiple discs could literally require months to download. On top of that, saturating an internet connection for days at a time would no doubt draw the ire of one’s internet service provider, making the download of Blu-ray discs a logistical nightmare for the foreseeable future.

Sure that might be true of 50GB games, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing those for quite some time. After all, the Xbox 360 only has a DVD drive, and it doesn’t seem to be suffering for the lack of disc space. I’m sure, though, that over time people will start using more and more disc space, but I’m also sure that it’ll be a long time before they get to using all 50GB.

Here’s another one:

And even once one obtains a Blu-ray title, how would they get it to the console? Back in the day, Nintendo and Sega were able to effectively neuter piracy by printing their games to proprietary cartridges. While blank cartridges (and the devices to upload pirated games to them) were certainly available, the cost was astronomical, and as a direct result, the average consumer had no idea that piracy was even an option. Sony seems to have established a similarly strong protection method by using its proprietary Blu-ray technology for the system. Burners for Blu-ray discs won’t be cheap or readily available for the early years of the PS3’s life, and one blank single-layer Blu-ray disc is expected to retail for $50 when introduced to the consumer market, with dual-layer speculated to be debuting at $80.

With companies like Dell and Apple supporting the BD format, this isn’t going to be true for long. The BD format is going to be a standard format supported on many PC’s, unlike Nintendo and Sega’s media efforts. So this argument doesn’t really hold water.


PS3 Center -Playstation 3 News – News – PS3: Next Victim in The Modchip Wars?

  • Black Guy

    A 50GB game? iDon’t c that happening 4 some time either; maybe not even w/ the PS3. Developers r cry’n now ’bout the assets they need to fill X360 games & the reuirements 4 larger budgets to take advantage of the the system and others as the generation matures. Thats their justification of $60 for X360 games now which r not yet approaching the capacity of the 9GB DVD, what will it cost 4 a 50GB game? $80? More? I’ll bet that most games on the PS3 will fit on DVD until something happens w/ the developers. Maybe Square’s Final Fantasy XXXVVVIII will fill up a BR will FMV but not gameplay elements.

    What the author fails to realize is that piraters can usually strip certain parts of a game to make the overall file size smaller. For example, Dreamcast games were sometimes stripped of their FMV sequences to get the file size small enough to burn on a regular CD.

    Also pirating options r getting more sophisticated. iKnow someone who has this program that he uses to download full PC games in a few hours. iForgot what its called @ the moment but he downloaded a 3.2GB game in about 1.5 hours using basic cable internet service. Guys like this will find ways to shorten that estimated 2 week download for a 50GB game.

  • Project51

    The xbox hackers group has been busy for the past 4 months figuring out how to crack X360.

    So far, NO xbox360 games can be pirated. Thanks to the encryption built-in directly to the x360 cpu… whatever that’s mean.

  • mcloki

    If I was a game company I would fill every disk with useless info so that every game would fill up the entire disk. Walll to wall data. Sure the game would only need 5 gigs to actually play but the other 45 would be pictures os static or useless text. It’s just a way to make the games too hard to download. Only for the rally commited.
    The downloading is piracy discussion completely muddies the discussion though. I dont; believe a group of guy should be able to copy a game hundreds of times and try to pass them off as real. I do beleive that I should be able to make a back up.

  • Black Guy


    It means a lot of things but from what iUnderstand: Basically it means that piraters will have a rough time modding X360. For the most part, past game systems simply required soldering a few leads, from the mod chip, to various places on the mobo. W/ the X360 those leads now have to find their way onto the CPU die itself which is not possible. Piraters have to invent a practical cost effective solution to intercept that signal which iHope they never do.

  • Matt

    I can’t see games taking that long. I downloaded the 1.3 gig Project Gothem Racing Demo off of Live in like 30 minutes. I use cable internet at 5 mbs speed. I should be getting the improved 8 mbs speed sometime this year for free.

    I can’t see games getting much larger than their current sizes. It took Bethesda 2 years for Elder Scrolls:Oblivion and the game is only 4.6 gigs. Their is a 16 mile square area to walk around and this does not include the inside of buildings.

    You won’t see a Blu-Ray game for a few years. As long as games fit on DVD9 they will be put on DVD9. They will transfer data faster than Blu-Ray and be much cheaper to produce. Sony is using the whole Blu-Ray thing to establish a format, not improve our gaming. Blu-Ray will make an impact on PS4 and Xbox 1080 if it wins the format war (which it should)

  • a

    how many day to download 25 gb, using the faster speed of modem?

  • I have a fast connection, and it would probably take me over 9 hours.

  • Unmknown

    I am not going to buy a ps3 until a mod chip or any other sources like custom firmware or Blu Ray backup is available. I will never buy originals. Backup Rules. **** off sony you cannot sell Blue ray disc or expensive players in a poor country like us.

    This message is as simple as that…!

  • Ynos

    the rise of the sales of consoles are primarily due to the ability for superheroes like piraters (people who give people who are not rich, a break). Developers will survive even if originals can be backed up or else why is the game industry becoming f*ck*ng stinking rich. Yeah a lot of politicians want a piece of that like that ban thing, or lawsuits for claims of injury because of games. Patronizers are hypocrites saying they haven’t done many or even some backing up with games, downloaded from the net or bought somewhere. I’m not taking myself seriously here, at least not in the part where I may get responses from hypocrites saying I’m an idiot but hey, truth hurts. Piraters will always find a way. Piracy is like culture now (no hypocrites please, and certainly no self-righteous b*st*rds). The Ps2 and the Xbox were considered big then and we were awed at how were going to mod this sh*t. It seemed impossible then but look at where those developers are, at the top of the market because of mods. Serves developers right for having their games too expensive for even renting off anyone’s soul, the reason why pirates are always at their heels nipping with rabid intent. Pirates might even be more better developers than the ones high on the rack. Which ultimately made me want to suggest that companies hire these geniuses to solve problems. But then again, we wouldn’t anymore pirated games to enjoy. Just saying, you all…no hard feelings whatsoever, just practicing freedom of speech. I told you I wasn’t taking myself too seriously he he he.

  • MrBucket

    I know this is old but here are some updates for those who came across this post recently.

    Xbox360 has long been cracked by now. The Wii piracy scene is also good.

    PS3 games have been ripped and are available for download. They around around 5-10 GB each. Not bad.

    Filling up the entire 50 GB with bogus data is useless. First, it will slow down data retrieval, annoying the legitimate user, and second, the pirate can simply strip away the useless data.

    As stated above, on Dreamcast, GDs were ripped and had their FMVs reduced in quality (resolution) to fit the game on a standard 600-700 MB CD. Games were also split across CDs, so a big Dreamcast game would have its FMV stripped down and the game was split onto 2 CDs instead of 1 GD.

    Besides, as size increases, so do Internet speeds. I download at around 800KB/sec on a standard cable connection. Fiber optics is getting popular, and T1 is getting cheaper. Hell, paying for T1 right now, around $120/mo, is still cheaper than buying games legit.

    Not having a blu-ray burner isn’t really a problem. Hard drives are huge and cheap. My boss just bought 5 1-terabyte hard drives for $40 each at Best Buy. That’s 5000 gigs. So the obvious way to go would be to just keep all games on the hard drive, and stream them onto the PS3. This is what was done with Gamecube.

    It’s funny actually, pirates get a lot of convenience compared to the average gamer, who has to get tangled up in serial numbers, removing and putting in CDs, and slow integrity checks.

    For PC games, I usually use a no-CD crack even if I buy the games legit. Why? Because when you open a game, about 10-20 seconds are spent reading the disk to make sure it’s legit and available. Try a noCD crack.. everything works fine except this check doesn’t happen. So games like Warcraft III open up instantly. Double click, and sometimes I don’t even see the splash screen, I’m just at the menu while my friends need 30 seconds to catch up.

    And as for supporting the companies… well, what can I say. I’m not hurting Sony because I would never buy a console if I couldn’t pirate games.. so there’s no money lost. I also know that 90% of people will keep buying games just because it’s too much work to pirate games. The only exception was the Dreamcast, and the first gen PSPs, but I doubt that’ll happen again.

  • MrBucket

    *** Oh and regarding ripped PS3 games. As far as I know, you can download games but I’m not sure if there is a way to boot them yet. I might be wrong, as I don’t keep up with the scene, but I do know there’s progress being made.

    The PS3’s hardware is complex and, more importantly, very expensive, so progress is slow.. only the higher-tier pirate groups can afford to trash PS3s left and right.

  • Niz

    Some features of MGS4 had to be removed because the game was too big for one Blu-Ray Disc.