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New Poll: What PS2 Sequel on the PS3? |

I asked, you answered (well, one of you), and I bowed to your wishes (uh, well one of yours).

The poll question this week. What PS2 game would you most like to see a sequel for on the PS3?

Champions of Norrath
Devil May Cry
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil
Shadow of the Colossus
Final Fantasy
Gran Turismo
Frequency / Amplitude / Guitar Hero

The poll is in my sidebar, and this time I’m trying something new. You can actuall add answers yourself. But please don’t add games nobody’s heard of, and don’t abuse it. I’ll have to put an end to it really quick if you do that.

  • Gran Turismo, of course…

  • Osvaldo

    Hey, great poll you have there. If you can, please share it (maybe a wordpress plugin). I liked the fact that people can actually add a answer. I voted Metal Gear Solid, however, if I’d seen earlier the add answer, I’d have said Tekken.

    Great Blog.

  • It is a WordPress plugin. It’s called Democracy, by Andrew Sutherland.

  • Long story short I owned a PS2 for a short period of time:16 months. I had GTA III and Driver 2, which sucked. I am more of a RTS, PC gamer but I am excited about the PS3 for a lot of the games but also for the BD and multimedia capability. I did like FPSs like Duke Nukem.

    I am sure I will pick up Gran Turismo and Warhawk. Beyond that i don’t know.

  • People are waiting for so many different games, my poll is almost getting out of hand. It’s so long! But what do you guys think? Do you like being able to add poll results of your own? Or does it make the poll too unusable?

  • Well they’re all good games, i would vote all of them …

    But Henning, could you put up a calendar with important upcoming ps3 dates?
    And post sceduled conferences and what not on there, …
    Could be interesting no?

  • I think its getting out of hand, maybe it’s worth just naming Sequels that aren’t confirmed in development, so removing Killzone and Metal gear for example.

    Also, i don’t like the “add” feature.

  • Osvaldo

    Thanks for sharing the plugin Name – Very cool. 😎

    It is true, the poll is getting too big… Maybe removing some “non-epic” games (hihih, don’t kill me if your favorite gets removed) – Add Tekken tough. I Think some other gamers may vote on it.

    I’m not so much of the console person anymore, but Tekken and ProEvolution Soccer are the kind of games that lead me there (even if ProEvo exist for the PC – I need to get a computer joystick heheh)

  • I do have a calendar with important upcoming dates. See my PS3 timeline! It’s in the PS3 Replay section.

  • G_Money

    Not so much as a sequel, but i would so love if they could re-do Final Fantasy VII. I know there are lots of people who say that it’s not going to be made, but a guy can wish can’t he?

  • Gary

    I can’t believe I didn’t say GTA!!!