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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Downloadable Games

February 23, 2006 | | One Comment

It looks like Sony will be offering downloadable games for the PS3 in South Korea and “elsewhere in Asia”. What about North America? I really have no idea if I want these downloadable games – I’d have to see them … Read More

Merrill Lynch Rebuttal

February 22, 2006 | | 2 Comments

psinext has a great rebuttal to the recent Merrill Lynch report. Starting with its lack of professionalism (they miscounted their bill of materials, repeatedly mentioning $900 even though it adds up to $800) through to cell chip costs, and to … Read More

New Poll: Fair Price for PS3 Game?

February 22, 2006 | | 20 Comments

EA has announced that they will be releasing Black and The Godfather for $39.95US. They think that this price resonates with gamers. Personally, I think that price sounds about right. But I think it sounds right for next-gen titles too. … Read More

Sony denies PS3 Delays

February 21, 2006 | | 5 Comments

Wow, an official Sony statement about the PS3, at least according to

Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson Kei Sakaguchi has officially denied reports from financial analysts at Merrill Lynch that the PS3 could be delayed by several months, reiterating that … Read More

Wa! PS3 Online

February 21, 2006 | | 2 Comments

Anybody want to hazard a guess as to what this is?

Wa! PS3 Online

Read More

Pre-ordered my PS3!

February 20, 2006 | | 19 Comments

On the weekend at I noticed some people said that they could pre-order PlayStation 3’s at Toys ‘R Us in Canada. So I sauntered (read: drove like a maniac) over to my local Toys ‘R Us, and sure enough, … Read More

PS3 Still on for This Year

February 20, 2006 | | One Comment

Contrary to rumours from analysts that the PS3 will be delayed to 2007, Sony has said that the PS3 will launch in 2006. Missing from the statement is the word “spring”. Hmmmm….

Sony officials have stated that the PlayStation 3 … Read More

Golf Me

February 20, 2006 | | 2 Comments

There’s nothing I’d rather do on a Saturday morning than head out to the links and swing a stick at a few unsuspecting balls.


But if you are into the golf thing, you might appreciate that Everybody’s Golf 5Read More