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Monthly Archives: February 2006


February 20, 2006 | | One Comment

Blah blah blah… the PS3 could cost $900 to make … blah blah blah … it could be delayed a year … blah blah blah.

Another day, another analyst. I would like to see these “there are reports” that Hitoshi … Read More

Pulling out of 9rules

February 19, 2006 | | 5 Comments

As of Friday I have pulled and out of the 9rules Network. To be clear: it’s not because of the recent “purge” of sites that don’t fit at 9rules. I think there’s nothing wrong with 9rules kicking out … Read More

What would you like to see?

February 17, 2006 | | 25 Comments

Slow news day today, so I thought I’d put it out to you folks. I know I have lots of lurkers who read this site and never post anything (which is fine!), and I also know I have many people … Read More

PS3 Countdown 12

February 16, 2006 |

Gavin’s cranking out those podcasts now! Here’s number 12.

PS3 Countdown – PS3 Countdown 12

Read More

No Taipei News is Good News?

February 16, 2006 | | 2 Comments

Nope, just bad news. There is nothing new being shown at the Taipei Game Show.


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PlayStation HUB Unearthed

February 16, 2006 | | 5 Comments

Next Generation magazine thinks they’ve unearthed some goods on both Sony’s online strategy and on the PlayStation 3 release date. First of all, PlayStation HUB is to be launched with services similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Chat, downloadable demos, independent … Read More

Bain to give PS3 Talk

February 16, 2006 |

I’m an IBM’er. A relatively new one – I just started my job a month ago today, as a matter of fact. But I like it. I’m doing some cool software development work in Java that I really enjoy. (It’s … Read More

PS3 – No HDD – Official

February 15, 2006 | | 4 Comments

[Edit: Sony did change their minds! The PS3 will come with a 60GB HDD.]

Click on the PS3 link, then drag-scroll down to near the bottom of the PS3 info page, and you’ll see this:

* Storage media (HDD, “Memory … Read More