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New poll: What about BD? |

Okay, the last poll was messing up my sidebar too much. It was getting unusable. You guys are crazy!

So here’s a new one. What do you think of the Blu-ray player in the PS3?

  • Awesome, man!
  • Forget it, dude!
  • Dunno, let me think!

Are you going to use it to play HD movies? Do you not care? Do you think it’ll help give the PS3 better content, with all that disc space lying around?

So there you go. Cast your vote in the sidebar. (I make note of that for all you RSS readers.) Since I already have an HDTV, my vote is clear: I am eagerly waiting for it.

  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.

  • offtopic:
    One thing I would really like to have is the ability to hook up my PS3 to my iMac!
    Because I don’t want to buy an HDTV.. and my old tv is way too old to be playing ps3 on.

  • While it’s no doubt a great feature, i unfortunantly dont own a HDTV 🙁

  • Gary

    Same here Hiro.

    I can’t say whether it’s awsome or not as I will need to try it out first either via watching BD or playing games stored on a BD and neither of those are likely to happen anytime soon.

    How do you guys manage to put emoticons in with your comments?

  • 🙂 🙁 :p 😀

  • I rate BD and gaming as equally important. I am holding off on buying HDTV specifically because i am waiting the PS3. BTW, I am looking at the Westinghouse LCD monitors. 37″ is about $1600