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New Poll: Is the Media Getting out of Hand? |

Every day I check the media outlets for news that I might find interesting. I am constantly being inundated with reports of the PS3’s delay, and it’s starting to get pretty tiring. If true, it means that Sony will delay the release of the PS3 by several months. Which is nothing compared to what many other products get delayed by.

So I’m getting just a little tired of hearing about this, and am wondering if you all feel the same. Vote in my new poll in the sidebar.

[Edit: and before you accuse me of feeding the frenzy, if you only knew how many articles there are out there about this, and how few of them I mention, you wouldn’t bring it up. I just try to mention the ones that (a) have facts or (b) are too proposterous not to respond to.]

[Edit: I’ve made some additions to my article about the lack of proof of a PS3 delay. Check it out.]

  • Gary

    I’m sick of it to be honest.

    Because Sony has released very little new info about the PS3 since TGS last year, everybody and his cat has been scrambling for ANY ‘news’ that they can find about the PS3 even if it is only slightly modified from what was written on website x and website y.

    I also think that a lot of people want Sony to fail so by posting negative ‘news’ like “PS3 IZ DELAYED!!111!!” they are hoping it will further damage the Sony brand & maybe persuade some gamers to go for the 360 instead.

    Or maybe I’m just a little cynical.

  • Matt

    My only question is why is Sony staying quiet. If a guy was picking on you (calling you a homo, girl, making fun of your Mom, etc.) day after day, you would eventually punch them in the mouth. Their is only so much that a person can take that is offensive and hurting you.

    If the rumors are false Sony should come out and say something, anything, just respond to the bad publicity. This is hurting their sales and reputation. I just don’t understand.

  • Project51

    When the X360 was first shown way back in E3 2005, I started finding news about PS3. And my first impression about PS3 was “oh man… it’s not even half baked yet.” The designs (both console and controller) are ugly. X360 was release in Nov 2005, and Sony is claming it will lunch after 6 months ! I never believed them… It will be after 1 year or somewhere in 2007.

    Thus this “delay” news is not surpricing. It’s not even a news.

  • observer

    I agree, this kind of “news” is annoying. But it’s kind of like traffic jams: their annoying but they are going to happen anyway so just don’t let it bother you.

    One more poll suggestion: Frame a poll question around the ease of development issue. A lot of sites claim that the PS3 is really hard to develop for; just like they did about the PS2. I think that the sheer fact that there has been such a high volume of PS2 releases from a wide variety of development houses indicates that there really wasn’t anything unusually difficult about it.

  • I havea feeling that not many developers frequent this site and answer polls, though!

    And while the PS2 does have a lot of games, I think it’s not because it was so easy to develop for. The PS2 platform is where the money is, due to the large installed base.

  • Billy Lo

    What I’m getting tired of is peolple going off about the rediculous price tags. Like people saying it’s going to be $900. There’s just so many people saying that. Why can’t they just wait until e3. The delay is getting pretty tiring to.