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PS3 Manufacturing Kicks off in June? |

Funny that I complain about all the press about a PS3 delay, then the next post I have is about just that. But this rumour sounds interesting, so I thought I’d mention it. Taiwanese manufacturer COMPEQ will supposedly be manufacturing boards for the PS3. And according to a Chinese website, Mydrivers, a deep throat at the company said that they would begin production by June or July.


the Inquirer – PS3 manufacturing to kick off in June

  • Does that confirm that Sony still has things under control?

  • 1) First off, it’s just a rumour, so it doesn’t confirm anything.
    2) But if this rumour is true, it means that the PS3 will be late by some months. You need some lead time between beginning of manufacture and actually having something on a store shelf.

  • The Xbox 360 production started around July/August and that was released in late November with alot of shortages, if this is true…. are we going to see something similar?

  • Matt

    Yeah. I think I read that it takes 6 weeks by cargo ship to make it to the USA. Give another 1-2 weeks to get them into stores. They need to be making consoles by August 1 at the latest if they are making 250,000 units per week. That would give them roughly 2.5 -3 million units for a November launch (2.5 million if first week of November launch). Those units will be going to Japan and USA and will be the minimum they can produce to not have a repeat of the 360 launch.

    They may be making more than the 250,000 per week, but I don’t think they will. Once the launch quota is met 4-6 months after launch they will not need factories producing that many. The intital cost to set a factory will limit the amount of total factories.

    The article could be correct because they only said circuit boards. They are just a piece of the puzzle to PS3. I would hope they are making them by June. The harder to make components should already be under production to ensure enough are ready for final build.

    I hope the rumors about the insides of the PS3 not fitting into the shell is wrong. That needs to be finished real soon. When E3 hits they need to have a working PS3 on display with people playing on them. Anything less and a Holiday 2006 launch will be very unlikely.