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No 3-Way Simultaneous Commitment |

Sony has clarified that in no way have they commited to a 3-way Japanese, North American, and European simultaneous release. This clarification comes after some hints from David Reeves that this may indeed be in the offing. Reeves had said that “it is my job to match day and date with the US launch; I am doing my best to make that happen.” But Sony man Nick Sharples quickly cleared up the confusion, saying “He was referring to the fact that as boss of the European organisation, it’s his job and his responsibility to try and get PlayStation 3 into Europe as quickly as he possibly can. That’s what he’s trying to achieve.” But just because that’s Reeves’ job, that doesn’t mean that it’ll happen, most probably just due to logistics. – Sony “definitely not” committing to simultaneous US, Euro launch for PS3

  • nick botulism

    and i say good on that. the xbox 360 “simultaneous” launch was a disaster for microsoft.

  • Matt

    How was it a disaster for MS? They put systems into the European market where people could take them home and show them off. Playing a system at a friends house is the best kind of advertising their is. This pursuades people into thinking about purchasing the system they are playing. If it is fun they might not wait for PS3. This also bought them 1.5 years before PS3 launches. Seeing a much better system than what is possible on any “current gen” system is huge. People by nature are impatient. Letting your future customers play what they want (Next Gen) as fast as they can (now and not 6-12 months after the rest of the world) is the key. On forums I have heard some really pissed off Europeans complain about the PSP and how long had to wait.

    Ask yourself this question. Would the extra 500,000 units that went to Europe have stopped a shortage in the USA? Absolutely not. Microsoft needed millions of them. Those 500,000 units got millions of gamers excited in a very important market.

    What they European sim. launch did was show a huge market that they are just as important as the larger Japanese and American market. It matters to them. Trust me.

    Sony should do everything possible to mimmick what 360 did. Never in all my years have I seen such an expensive product be talked about so much. It was major news coverage for three months. You still are hard pressed to find a 360. Stores are getting them regularly. The masses are still hyped for “next gen” and do not want to wait for the PS3 that may come in 2006.