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March 15th Meeting Opened |

ps3I previously said that the March 15th event was for PS3 developers only. Now Sony has changed their mind.

Sony has now said that they will allow media and analysts to attend the meeting tomorrow. The famous Sony Computer Entertainment President Ken Kutaragi will be there, but we don’t know the details of what will be discussed.

With all the speculation about the launch of the PS3, people are hoping that Sony will give away some details at this meeting tomorrow. Three of the biggest unknowns everyone is waiting for are the console price, the release date, and the release territory or territories.

We’ve all been so let down in the past, and this event seems like such a last-minute thing, that I’m not getting my hopes up too much. I don’t think we’ll get the big three questions answered, though we might find out other interesting things.

This meeting will be in Tokyo at 3:00pm Japanese time on Wednesday, March 15, 2006. That’s 1am EST, using this little timezone calculator.

CNET News – PS3 details eyed as Sony opens meeting

  • I bet ya, as i’m typing here, there are hundreds of people in Japan, playing their PSP’s while waiting in line just to be the first ones to hear the enlightning news from Sony!

    And i’m getting ready to go to bed now, and when i wake up and eat my bowl of Frosties, get in my car to head for work and arive. I’ll log onto my PC and the first thing i allways do is check my RSS feeds in the morning. So by that time i’ll probably discover the awesome enlightning news on this very ps3blog with links to various sources with nice pictures and whatnot.

    Or i’ll read just about nothing, lose some more interest, and end up buying an x360.
    Only time will tell.

    Nighty night people.