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New poll: Media Center PS3 |

PS3Ever notice that people are complaining that Sony is diluting the PS3 with extra stuff that’s not gaming related? Things like several memory card readers, a Blu-ray drive, Bluetooth, and stuff like that. What is Sony thinking with all that home media center stuff? Just stick to gaming man!

Personally I don’t care if Sony puts all that stuff in there. It could be fun to use! And adding a DVD player to the PS2 didn’t hurt any. The strange thing is that people seem to suggest that Microsoft is sticking to the core theme of gaming with the 360 while it’s Sony that’s going off the deep end.

I was reminded of how wrong this viewpoint is by this Next Generation article about Microsoft’s Xbox 360 positioning. Microsoft stated that 360 was designed “to create a living entertainment experience powered by human energy.” How’s that for straying away from the core theme of gaming?

The fact is, both Sony and Microsoft are trying to dominate both the family room and the gaming room with their new consoles. And personally I don’t have a problem with that. I plan to use my PS3 as a BD player, a game machine, and a media center. So there, I said it, and I’m proud of it.

So the poll basically asks if you plan to use the PS3’s media center capabilities. It’s in the sidebar, please vote.

Next Generation – The Weekly Marketing Column: Xbox 360

  • The difference is how MS prioritizes the different aspects of its vision whereas Sony is trying to throw everything @ the consumer in a manner lacking any principle of organization; just like the PSP. Sony is tout’n the inclusion of the BR player and the myraid of features that have no relation to gaming in an effort to outstage the competition; this thing is a trojan horse 4 BR adoption. Some people may not mind having a dishwasher thats also a microwave, but iWould guess the majority will want only the dishwasher & have no interest or desire to pay for frivilous features. 2 HDMI outputs?

    MS on the other hand is primarily about gaming. There is nothing on the X360 that is irrelevant to gaming. The media center functionality requires the presence of a host computer to really take full advantage of such functions and a lot ppl seem to 4get that. The following statement: “to create a living entertainment experience powered by human energy”, is meant to emphasize culture of Xbox live (or something like that). The ppl on Live are the source of human energy that creates this living experience.

    Check this out: Sony loaded down the PSP w/ great features but nothing has been done particularly well. The PSP is great but the gaming experience isn’t all that. Sony loaded down the PS2 will firewire and who knows what else, most of it went to waste. I’m thinking the same thing is going to happen to PS3.

  • Baloney! The PSP is a great gaming machine, period. If there aren’t a lot of great games out for it, then it is the developers’ faults, not the system’s.

    And the BD drive, while not needed for all of today’s gaming content, will be a must-have for games in the years to come.

    You say “There is nothing on the X360 that is irrelevant to gaming.”. That’s crap too. Microsoft is obviously going for a media center type experience with the Xbox 360, and their development of an HD DVD addon for the machine just proves it.