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PS3 Delayed to November? |


Today, Sony officially conceded defeat to the recent flurry of rumors and speculation, with Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun reporting the company has confirmed the machine has been pushed back until November.

There aren’t many details out right now, but Sony says copy protection technology related to their Blu-ray disc drive is the cause of the delay.

As the news is coming out of Japan, that creates a worrisome scenario for America and Europe. There was already rumblings Sony wouldn’t be able to launch in all territories before the end of the year, but missing out on the Christmas season over here could prove a deadly blow to Sony’s next-generation plans.

Not an official source. But maybe it’s true. In which case we’ll probably find out for sure tomorrow.

But it does seem fishy. If they can release BD players on May 23rd, why can’t they release the PS3? – Sony Delays PlayStation 3

  • Thomas

    Probably Merrill Lynch slipstream.

  • Michael

    well, crap!! I hope that report is wrong, but I wouldn’t be suprized if it proved to be true. I guess we’ll all have to wait till tomorrow for the official word, but it doesn’t look good.

  • Isagani

    I don’t accept this “unkown source” and non-official reports… We’ll know tomorrow morning in the US since Kutaragi is making SONYS OFFICIAL stance on PS3 things in Japan. Lets hope if they are late, they dual launch in the US and Japan with millions of units. Does anyone else think the whole delays might also be related to the controller case they just lost their 1st appeal to???

  • Project51


    Just curious… Will you consider getting (buy) X360 ?

  • Michael

    Project51: Absolutely!! If the PS3 is announced tomorrow “officially” that it will be delayed until Novemeber than I will definiantly consider cuying a 360. I am so tired of Sony’s silence. The suspense of being in the dark for so long is driving me nuts, and tired of the games(aka the mind tricks). I know that waiting on something doesn’t hurt, but I am ready to jump into the next generation now. I know that the PS3 will probably prevail with better games and better graphics, better everything, but I can’t wait too much longer. I’ve already played the waiting game with Sony with the LONG SHORTAGE of ps2 consoles, and though I reserved my ps2 a week after they started taking pre-orders, it was six months before I got one and I don’t want to get set up for anything like that again. The Playstation big-wigs do make lots of wild statements that don’t always deliver, but the Playstation brand never disappoints. But it ultimately comes down to how long a person is willing to wait. What do you all think: Are you at thr end of your rope, or are you willing to waiting for as long as it takes?

  • Isagani

    I got my Xbox360 on launch day; good system with lots of potential – games that looks and play next gen are finally comming… waiting for Sony now, hope PS3 comes this year

  • If this is true, Sony is playing a dangerous game. A person’s patients is finite. If Sony thinks ppl will wait head over heels for them they r seriously mistaken. The PSP didn’t represent like it had the potential to and rumors r already flying about a successor. If this is also true, this will damage the PS brand image espetially since everyone is still waiting for the original PSP to mature. This is the kind of bullishness that led to Sega’s fall.

    X360 launch games did not represent the potential of the hardware but things r beginning to pick up as expected. Anyone that thinks Ghost Recon Advance Warfare is lacking in the next gen department needs to go back to the original NES & stay there. The gfx & audio fidelity truely create an experience that was not possible on the last gen. Gears of War is about to represent this summer and its only going to get better. By the time PS3 decides to join the game, X360 could conceivable b @ the next level and that could prove to b disatrous 4 Sony. X360 may not b doing too hot in Japan but every where else things r going great particularly in its home town. Nintendo is also expected to bring out their toy this year. With Nintendo’s launch expected to b anything short of great (especially in Japan) and with the X360 continued growth, Sony could find themselves in an unfamiliar position, the underdog struggling to regain its past glory against fierce competition.

    If Sony is late, iThink a lot of fans will eventually go w/ the competition.

  • *patience