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7.1 audio at Launch for Untold Legends |

I mentioned Untold Legends for the PS3 the other day. What I didn’t notice the first time around was that this title would be in 7.1 channel surround sound, and that it’s a launch title.

First of all, no movies or games are currently being released in 7.1 surround sound. That’s something that BD and HD DVD are promising. So that’s pretty cool right there. Makes me wonder what format they’re going to use, though. And since I haven’t seen a single receiver or preprocessor in the world that can decode the new 7.1 format, I have to wonder why they’re bothering.

Another interesting thing is that T3 notes that this title is 1080p. If you go to the the Untold Legends for the PS3 website however, it just says 1080i. Which actually kinda makes me wonder about that 7.1 channel sound statement. Maybe T3 is just full of it. Who knows?

T3 – 7.1 channel audio for PS3 launch title

  • Jordan

    Well, atleast it will sound better than it looks! 🙁

    They should have kept this demo in the darkness. Its like showing off a Porche with two flat tires.

  • Michael

    Since the ps3 will use the cell processor to decode sound instead of a sound card like the 360 that can only produce 6.1, does that mean that the ps3 can decode as many channels as the media asks it to? Like for example, if three years from now media has up to 10.1, does that mean the ps3 can output that?

  • The PS3 could create them, but I don’t know if it could output them. But ASAIK, the new-fangled surround formats DD+ and DTS-HD (or whatever they’re called) should be able to do that, yes.

  • Black Guy

    this is completely worthless. i’ve seen & heard a handful of 7.1 setups and they don’t really sound different from the usual 5.1. this format is usually more common in home theaters where an expansive space can dilute the effect of 5.1 . the additional 2 speakers of 7.1 can be make up for that “gap” on the left & right sides.

    another crazy thing is that most 7.1 systems don’t have the power to push 8 speakers @ elevated volumes w/o clipping. U need a serious amp costing top dollar to push this kind of audio. 1080p was ok but most tv – even the most current releases – don’t support it. dual 1080p was completely impractical. 7.1 in games is just a waste… completely stupid. its one thing to expect a person to have a 1080p to take advantage of the “4D” (whatever that means) of PS3, now i’ll need a new theater system too.

    This PS3 is beginning to b too much 4 its own good. iBetter go take out a 2nd on the house cuz its sounds like i’m going to need it 4 this PS3.

  • It really depends on both the size and configuration of the room, and also the source material. Some soundtracks lend themselves a lot better to 7.1 or 6.1 surround sound than others. If done properly, 7.1 or 6.1 can be a real and noticable improvement over 5.1.

    The receiver or amp would have to push 7 speakers, because the sub is usually powered. And with soundtracks, it is very rare indeed that maximum volume would be required from all channels at the same time. If you try to buy a quality brand like Denon or HK, you’ll be fine.

    As far as 1080p goes, that’s a bonus for people with large projection screens. Otherwise you’ll be fine with 720p. It’s nice to have the option though.