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PS3 and its HDD |

PS3I’ve mentioned the PS3’s inclusion of a 60GB HDD, but I haven’t made any comments of my own on the fact. First, let’s recap, from the slide at the business briefing.

  • 60GB 2.5″ HDD
  • Upgradeable
  • Enhance Game Play
  • Network Game/Application
  • Powerful Network Platform
  • Full Internet Access
  • Home Server

First off, I’m worried about how much disk space the Linux OS will take up. I hope it’s not too much – I’ll be wanting to store lots of game demos and HD trailers on this thing. But since my Windows XP installation is about 5GB, I’m not too worried. I doubt that a version of Linux targetted specifically to the PS3 will take up more space than the general purpose Windows XP. I’ve heard that for games the PS3 will use its own proprietary OS. Now that I know that Linux will be included in the system, I have to wonder about that. But either way, the inclusion of Linux is cool. Lots of people out there know how to program in the Linux environment, and that can only help the PS3.

Second, I just think this is pretty cool. Playing Xbox games at my friend’s place was nice for two reasons: Project Gotham Racing and quick game saves. The memory card has always been a pain in the butt and it will be nice to be able to save games on the HDD for its speed and its spaciousness. At one point I was worried that any HDD for the PS3 wouldn’t be used for games but rather for movie clips and the like. But one point on the slide clearly says “Enhance Game Play”, so it’s good to know the HDD can be used by games.

And third, it’s great that developers can count on its existence. Sony and Microsoft has traded this advantage with this generation of consoles. Last time around developers could count on the HDD in the Xbox, now they’ll be able to know it’s in the PS3. This is a great gift to developers and I’m sure that every singly one of them were happy to find out that the PS3 will include an HDD. (Well, they would be happy from a development viewpoint. They’re probably also hoping it doesn’t price the PS3 into the stratosphere.)

I’m sure some people will spin the HDD inclusion as being a bad move on Sony’s part. But I think they’ll be grasphing at straws. The HDD inclusion is a good thing all around, and I’ll willingly pay for its existence in the PS3 I buy.

  • Blue Spotted Frog

    I am extremely intrigued at the idea of of having Linux OS preinstalled on the PS3’shard drive. But how will this work? How would you boot into Linux OS? How different would Linux on a PS3 be from Linux on a PC? Wasn’t there a version of Linux made for the PS2 a few years ago ( not available to the general public )? Will Linux on the PS3 be able to recognize any USB peripheral plugged into the PS3 like an external DVD writer? Who is going to be developing and publishing Linux software for the PS3 and will they have to pay licensing fees like PS3 games require? And why include Linux OS on PS3’s HDD anyway? Do gamers care about this or is this just to entice developers?

  • The PS3’s interface will probably be a lot like the PSP’s. I suspect that you’ll just scroll over to the Linux option and push ‘X’. At which point Linux will load.

    That’s my guess anyways.

    Oh, and yes there was a Linux for the PS2, anyone could buy it. It just wasn’t popular.

  • Black Guy

    iC this appealing to a niche audience. Sony must have some other plans in regards to this; there must be a catch. If its a feature rich Linux installation, a lot of ppl could pic this up solely as all-in-one home computer. If Sony is loosing a lot of money per unit sold, this could back fire. I’m interested to c how this works myself.

  • Leo

    80GB HDDs with Serial ATA (ie the fastest standard out there) RETAIL for about 50 bucks, so they probably cost about 30 dollars to manufacture. With a 60GB HDD, you’re looking at even less, assuming Sony uses SATA instead of slower, much cheaper ATA (BTW does anyone know what the ultra-tiny 20GB Xbox360 HDD uses?). So, really it’s an just an extra 20 bucks for Sony to put into each PS3, which is nothing compared to Blu-Ray, the graphics chip, HDMI, etc.

  • Mor

    Will someone please explain to me what’s Linux?

  • It’s an operating system, similar to Unix.