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PS3 not in Competition with Revolution? |

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said the following in an interview:

Any announcement about PS3 will affect Nintendo. But we don’t see it as a competition between the two consoles, although the customers always do.

I think that maybe he should change his viewpoint a little, because this dude is gonna get smoked otherwise. I think he’s confusing the fact that the PS3 and Revolution will have different kinds of games with the fact that consumers only have so many dollars to spend on video gaming entertainment.

I and several friends of mine each have just one console from the current generation. Now I don’t know their reasons, but I know mine. It’s because I can’t afford to buy more than one consoles and its controllers and its games. Nor do I have the room next to my television for all that clutter. And while many people will buy more than one system, there will be many many people who will buy only one.

Sony wants it to be the PS3, and Nintendo better realize that.

Audioholics – No competition, says Miyamoto

  • Black Guy

    iThink Nintendo is loosing it. They’ve Lunchbox didn’t do too great against Xbox & PS2 inspite of the classic Nintendo franchises. iAgree, if Nintendo doesn’t get w/ it, they’ll find themselves surving only off the DS. The Gameboy is pretty much forgotten and if the Revo fail, they won’t have much else.

  • The Prince Of Ecuador

    You might consider that the Revolution is aimed at a different demographic. Which means whilst purchasing a PS3 for you might mean the Revolution has no chance, you might not be the demographic Nintendo are aiming for.

    The Revolution will be cheaper, the controller will be more intuitive and friendly. There’s a huge untapped market out there that will be receptive to that.

    Of course it’s far from a done deal, and I’m far more interested in the PS3, but I think you should consider your commentary more carefully.

  • Though Nintendo targets a younger crowd I still think there’s more overlap than not.

  • The Prince Of Ecuador

    Certainly in the past there has been a lot of overlap, but look at the current situation of the Nintendo DS in Japan. There are shortages, and not the 360 kind of shortages, these shortages are because demand is so incredibly high.

    The big sellers are Animal Crossing, Nintendogs, Brain something-or-other. All of those games are bought by non-obvious demographics, the obvious demographics purchasing platformers, first person shooters, racing games.

    Essentially Nintendo’s ploy for being innovative and pursuing a different market _is working_. And they’re going to try to do the same thing with the Revolution. I think the evidence is in the shape of the main controller, it looks like a remote control for a TV… that target is _big_. And I would argue not necessarily particular young.