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New Poll: What do You think of the Delay? |

Recently I posted some topics about the PS3 delay. Japanese developers seem to think the PS3 delay will help them. Analysts say Sony will still be the king of the console hill.

Now it’s your turn. I put a new poll in the sidebar asking you what you think of the delay. Is the delay:

  1. Good all around. This will give Sony and publishers time to really polish the PS3, making it even more of a success. In my territory I don’t get it any later anyways, or I don’t mind.
  2. Good for the PS3 (see reason #1). But in my territory I was supposed to get it sooner, so I’m a little peaved.
  3. Bad for the PS3. This is just giving too much advantage to Microsoft.

Personally, I voted for #1.

Results from last poll:

70 people (79%) said that Ken gave us lots of info on March 15th.
19 people (21%) said that Ken didn’t give enough info.

  • Thomas D

    It’s good for the PS3 all around. Sony will own this next-gen war all over the place.

    I live in Europe, so a worldwide simultaneous launch is the best we could hope for.

    My vote: #1

    And november is still 7 months away, that’s enough time for all the interested kids to start saving up some dollars.

  • Black Guy

    PS3 will probably still dominate this gen in part cuz of the games coming out from Japanese developers who act as if their unable to develop for anything other than a system developed in their back yard.

    Regardless, iThink the battle will be a lot closer than that between X360 and PS3. The only company in danger IMO is Nintendo. That Revo better b hotter than rice 4 no reason or they’ll b hanging it up 4 the home business like Sega did.

  • Stephen

    I doubt the delay would hurt PS3 that much. It still has great Japanese support.

    Nintendo is pretty safe. They have a strong first party library. If they get decent third party support this time, they will definitely be good.

    I think MS should worry the most. Their library is still too western oriented. I have no interest in most of their games at all except for a few exceptional one made by Japanese developers.

    PS3 and revolution will be on my must buy list for sure. 360…we will see..

  • Isagani

    I think it’s good… Sony gets to put up to date HDMI and Blu-Ray stuff in, developers get more time to make games look and play good, HDTV prices will fall to levels where I can get one with HDMI and a good refresh rate at a good size (32″+) at a descent price, and they can make enough to give gamers a good chance at getting one during the holidays. Nintendo will release its Revolution, people will get it for the 1st party titles, the controller, and the price, and they will make money again with the console. Microsoft has to be wondering how much Sony will price it’s system, if Sony will bring large enough numbers at launch to hurts Xbox360 sales (hardware and software), and if Sony’s free online services will be good enough… I can’t wait until tomorrows GDC keynote and E3 of course… Competition is good

  • francois

    I have no problem with that! I have a lot of PS2 and PC game to have fun with, and there is still more game I want to play for both platform. (Shadow of Collosus, GranTurismo Online, Oblivion for PC which will be available tomorrow!). Recently, I completed God of War for PS2, excellent game! the PS2 is 6 years old and I am very please we still get AAA title. PS3 will probably have the same life span which make it a good investment for a day 1 purchase.