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GDC MotorStorm Update |

More on MotorStorm, it just looks so cool.

Remember how at E3 they showed that MotorStorm video and everyone went nuts and then everyone said there’s no way that PS3 games will look like that? Well, here’s a quote for you from IGN about yesterday’s realtime demo:

Compared to the E3 presentation, the game is close in presentation and functionality and look to its promise, with detail not reaching the level of the astounding E3 demo but still running with some very cool technology to provide a new way of playing in the mud. Developed by Evolution Studios, the game’s presentation featured buggies and motorcycles running through a rugged desert. The game’s advanced new mud physics were incredible, leaving ruts behind in the mud using real physics. For example, a motorcycle was seen cutting a deep groove in the mud while kicking up muck at a white truck following it, the trailing vehicle buckily wildly as it battled off the streaming mud while also trying to find a line to drive in the groove-etched bog. The particle effects, however, were not nearly at that level of quality, looking a little temporary at this stage of early development.

So everyone was right. 🙁 BUT! The fact is, this game is still going to be killer. It looks “close” to the E3 demo, which is good enough for me.

IGN: GDC 06: Motorstorm Update

  • Hey Henning,

    What are the chances we will see any of the GDC videos any time soon? E 3, maybe?

    What say you?

  • Michael

    I bet that motor storm will look even closer to the e3 05 video at this year e3 in real time. We must not forget that that the team creating motor storm has probably just started coding for the game in real time. Also, this will probably be a first gen ps3 game, so i’m absolutely sure that games will continue to look better and better as time goes by. I don’t think developers will reach ps3 bottleneck anytime soon. I am VERY suprized that game developers have been able to get as much out of the machine as they have this early. The ps3 launch titles sound likes they are going to be awesome, and I think we’ll be able to tell a big difference between these first ps3 games and won’t be at all comparable to the ps2. With developers getting so much out of the system so fast, one must wonder if the ps3 is just easier to work with than the xbox 360 or if it has more horse power than the xbox 360. If motor storm and the new ratchet and clank game(which from what i’ve read looks amazing) are the minimum bar for ps3 games than ps3 will be unbelieveable 2 years from now. PS3 launch games could potentially be on par with new xbox 360 games coming out at the same time. I’M TOTALLY SIYKED!! November is along frankin time away, but i’m willing to wait,

  • altodarknight

    Michael, I hate to say this but you appear to not know what the hell you are talking about.
    No one has got the final PS3 hardware to work on so NO one has gotten anything out of the system. Developers will be getting final hardware in 2 months time.

    And to mention the term bottleneck before a console has been released shows a great lack of knowledge on the issue of game development. The PS2 bottle neck has not yet been reached, i.e hitman blood money. This game is getting so much out of very little hardware. You should check it outl.

    Most of what you have see so far ‘on’ the PS3 so far are pre-renders, or ‘tech-demos’. The few realtime sceens/vids we have seen are quite disapointing, apart from motor storm. When dealing with sony, wait until you have a controller in your hand before you pass judgement.

    That being said you are right on a few things. The PS3 is one beast of a machine games will eventually become fantastic. But the launch will fail to dazzle visually just as the 360 did. As far as comparing the hardware, both have their strengths. Xbox 360 has a slightly better GPU. Although slighty slower clockspeed, it is newer technology and you will do more with less power needed. The xbox also had faster memory and disk read speed. PS3 has a stronger CPU and larger disk 25 gig (50 when a dual layer disc is finalised).

    As far as ease of development, the 360 comes out in spades. The advantage is microsofts vast experince in PC gaming, plus being a software based company. It has far more exptensive libraries as well as XNA studio which not only makes it easier to devlop for technically and finacially, it also makes it very easy to port to PC. Plus devloping for the 360 cpu is far easier than the cell, due to the cells complexity.

    Overall, the games will comeout on par by Q4 2007 and remian so, but don’t expect the PS3 to look as good as the 360 until them. A year and a half longer with hardware is a huge advantage (360s got to developers start of 2005) which wont be easy to match for a while.