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MS says 1080p Games Can’t be Done |

I guess yesterday’s 1080p demos were all fake, because this dude at Microsoft says it can’t be done.

Oh well.

(Note the sarcasm.)

Kikizo Games: News: Exclusive: MS on 1080p, BluRay, Expansion

  • I take it you don’t have a HDTV

  • Actually I do. Why?

  • Black Guy

    iThink the dude @ MS was trying to say that it wouldn’t b practical. iThink he may b on to something too. Developers r already crying about the expensive resources required to produce gfx @ 720p. Some have gone the lazy route and just upsampled an original Xbox 1 game to the 360 which looks nasty. The reality is that 720p will be sufficient and most game developers will try to curb costs by using that resolution as their baseline.

    iDon’t care how powerful the PS3 is rumored to b, the RAM limitations (even using HD as cache) & bottlenecks will kill it running complex games @ 1080p.

  • Stephen

    Well…I don’t think it’s very smart for MS to come out and say 1080p can’t be done. In my opinion, I think 360 does have the power to generate 1080p graphics. The problem is just if the programmer knows how to use the system’s potential.

    A lot of people say 720p is good enough, I think that’s a really subjective statement. It also depends on what kind of graphics you are displaying.

    I have a 30inch CRT HDTV with a Samsung upscaling player. I do not notice any difference between 720p and 1080i when playing a regular hollywood movie. However, for all of my anime DVD, the difference is huge. In 1080i the picture and the colour of the animation is a lot better than 720p. There is also a clear difference between 720i and 720p. I can’t imagine how great the picture would look on 1080p

    1080p HDTV does exist, such as the Sony SXRD and the Toshiba Talon. It’s just if the person feel like spending the money on it.

  • Matt

    Their is one reality that people miss. A 50″ HDTV being viewed from 9′ @720p is all the human eye can see. 1080p will not improve the picture unless you are sitting closer than 9′. If you sit further away you cannot see the difference.

    1080p does not matter unless you have a monster HDTV. Don’t buy the hype. 1080p is not necessary and cannot be true 1080p (at 60 frames per second) until a new digital transfer system is developed (which won’t happen for a very long time). Current 1080p HDTV take a 1080i signal and upscale it to 1080p (which is still pretty good)

    Do your research. All of this info is available on the net. The guy above me was right. 1080p games are so unlikely because the cost is so much higher. If you buy the right HDTV for your romm you don’t need it. Not even 10% of the country owns an HDTV right now.

  • observer

    That Microsoft exec has just carved himself a heaping slice of humble pie that he can eat when the PS3 ships with 1080p titles! It is the duty of the gaming press to bring things like this up when that happens.

    Matt, 1080p is like the dual screen output feature. It will only be taken advantage of by the really high end gamers and probably arcade-like establishments as well. The majority of regular users won’t use these features. Just like today, most people haven’t setup a surround sound system. That doesn’t mean the games won’t ship with support for those features, it just means it won’t be used by most users.

    Either way, that’s not the point the MS exec made; he said it was simply impossible. He really should have kept his mouth shut.

    you are probably right that the added value of 1080p over 720p/1080i is minimal for the large majority of users. So is the dual screen output feature; I can see a few high end users doing that or public arcade-type places but the average user definitely won’t be setting up two displays and probably won’

  • Michael

    I thought that amoung everything else the cell processor will be used for, its main purpose was to handle high resolution to free up the gpu so it can work on graphics? With a dedicated processor(cell) processing high resolution, I don’t see why 1080p wouldn’t be possible. However, with really advanced games that take alot of power coming out like 3 years from now, some of them might only be created for 720p so the game can run smoothly, but for most games, I think 1080p is definently doable.

  • Televisions are already out there that accept 1080p (HP and Sony have a couple, for example). More are coming out this year. And just think, if you DO have a 1080p display, you can sit closer!

  • yeah, they say it everytime: “a software without bugs can’t be done”… “1080p can’t be done”…