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New Poll: HDTV or SD for PS3 Gaming? |

Here’s a new poll for all you potential PS3 gamers. Will you be using an HDTV for your PS3 gaming, or will you be using a regular standard definition (SD) TV?

Vote in the sidebar, as always!

My vote: I’ll be using my HDTV, of course!

Here are the results of the previous poll:

What do you think of the PS3 delay?

  • Good all around.: 62% (82)
  • Good but I’m peaved!: 28% (37)
  • Bad for the PS3.: 11% (14)
  • Thomas

    Uhm, I’m not rich enough (yet) to go and spend all my bling on an HDTV.
    Maybe if i win EuroMillions tomorow, I have a great feeling about it … only time will tell, right.

  • Matt

    I think it is funny that over 60% of the voters have HDTV. I think their are only like 32 million HDTVs sold and most of them are in bars, restaurants, etc. I own one and it is worth every penny.

    Gaming in SDTV is horrible. The graphics are better than Xbox but not by much. I found out by playing 360 at a friends house on a SDTV. To truly enjoy the next gen console you need to get a next gen tv.

  • Stephen

    HDTV is not really that expensive. Some people really try to make HDTV sounds like a luxury….especially when Nintendo fans tried to defend nintendo’s decision for not supporting HD in revolution.

    You can pick up a 30inch CRT Sanyo HDTV for 500 or less at walmart…..

  • Francois

    I noticed lag in the picture while playing timing sentive PS2 games on my LCD Read projection HDTV (Guitar Hero, Hot Shot Golf, Amplitude) with Component cable. It really affect gameplay badly. It seems that a lot of people are experiencing the same problem with their HDTV whatever is it a Samsung, Sony, Panasonic etc… Do you think that the PS3 with the hdmi connection will fix this issue?

    If does not, my last hope is my computer monitor 1650×1050 with DVI+HDPC. I read an interview with Ken Kutagari saying that new HD compatible device will have to deal with fixed resolution display such as WXGA 1650×1050 (he really mentionned this in the interview!). I hope the PS3 will be flexible in that matter.

  • observer

    I have a non-HD tv set now and see no reason to upgrade yet. Those large screen high-def LCD displays look great, but I’m expecting a large price drop and a good feature set upgrade within the next year. If you can hold off until then, it’s a wise move.

    I will probably upgrade to HD sometime in 2007, after I’ve got some really good PS3 games and hd movies to enjoy.

  • Francois: I don’t know what lag you’re talking about. Are you just talking about the LCD’s inherent slowness? Either way, you can always buy a receiver or pre-processor that lets you delay audio to match any delayed video. This is a high end feature, though.

  • francois

    No not the LCD slowness and it has nothing to do with the sound. There is constant lag between the time the PS2 produce a frame on the component cable and the time viewer sees it on screen. The TV does process the image in real time, you don’t see any lag in the picture itself, only when you interact with the picture with a joypad. So when I see on the screen that my hot shot golf swing meter is exactly at the position for a perfect shot, for the PS2 it is actually not. With this problem it is impossible or very hard to play time sensitive games. So hopefully Ps3 to HDTV won’t do that (Digital to digital)

    People think I am crazy 🙂 when I tell them that, but I am not alone :

  • Gary

    I have a SDTV and can’t afford to upgrade to a HDTV even though I REALLY want one so I’ll have to make do with my current TV.