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Revolution Specs? |

RevolutionIGN is supposedly in the know about the upcoming Revolution’s specs. Here’s the relevant paragraph:

Insiders stress that Revolution runs on an extension of the Gekko and Flipper architectures that powered GameCube, which is why studios who worked on GCN will have no problem making the transition to the new machine, they say. IBM’s “Broadway” CPU is clocked at 729MHz, according to updated Nintendo documentation. By comparison, GameCube’s Gekko CPU ran at 485MHz. The original Xbox’s CPU was clocked at 733MHz. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 runs three symmetrical cores at 3.2GHz.


The overall system memory numbers we reported last December have not greatly fluctuated, but new clarifications have surfaced. Revolution will operate using 24MBs of “main” 1T-SRAM. It will additionally boast 64MBs of “external” 1T-SRAM. That brings the total number of system RAM up to 88MBs, not including the 3MB texture buffer on the GPU. By comparison, GameCube featured 40MBs of RAM not counting the GPU’s on-board 3MBs. The original Xbox included 64MBs total RAM. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 operate on 512MBs of RAM.

Those specs would make the Revolution about as powerful as the original Xbox. Which is not really a next-gen leap. People have been complaining that many Xbox 360 games don’t look next-gen enough compared to what is being done on the PS2 and Xbox today. With specs like these, it’s obvious that Nintendo is not even trying to keep up. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting Nintendo to come out with the most powerful system, but I was expecting something better than the current generation, and I’m now unsure that we’ll even be seeing that.

That new controller better be really good!

IGN – Revolution’s Horsepower

  • tomplast

    This surely indicates that Nintendo won’t take the step into the next generation. They will just make a 0.2 jump or something like that. Power isn’t one of the words in Nintendos vocabulary…

    Even with these amazingly “bad” specs I’m sure it will become quite nice 🙂

  • Black Guy

    This can’t be right. Technology is cheap as dirt these days, Nin can offer more guns than that while still keeping the system moderately priced. The original Xbox is great machine so even if the Rev has just a little better performance, that may not actually be a bad thing. However, ‘cuz of the low end hardware compared to the other 2 beasts, Nin is going to have a hard sell in the long run. X360 & PS3 will b dropping some serious games, I’m curious what Nin will b offering to counter. Gameplay? Nah. Most gamers r turned on by eye candy 1st more than anything else and this system definitely won’t b delivering on this front if these specs r true.

    Indeed, that controller has to be better than white rice or they might not being around to offer another home console. Although, this thing might be hit in Japan. Sony & Nin can do no wrong over there.

  • Stephen

    It doesn’t really matter too much in my opinion. What really matters is what kind of games Nintendo will put out this time. Nintendo has a strong first party title that will always be appealing to a significant amount of gamers. I am one of them, but I can’t see myself playing only Nintendo games. Nintendo’s first party games lack certain elements that can only be found on third party titles that are on Playstation or XBOX. These are the titles that Gamecube really lacks and put Nintendo in the 3rd place ( or is it second?)

    People say Revolution will do well because DS did well. I don’t think that’s necessary true.

    A signficant reason that DS was a sucess is Nintendo’s huge Gameboy library and long history of dominance in hand held market. If Sony or MS created the DS, I doubt it would be a big hit like Nintendo. Portable and Home console are two very different markets in my opinion. I have Nintendog and I love it on the DS, but if it’s on Rev/Gamecube I don’t know if I would sit down that long in front of the TV and keeping play with my virtual dog. Portable games need to be fun and short. But for me, TV games need to feel Epic and have depth. (especially for Single player games)

    If Nintendo has a strong 1st and 3rd party library this time, they can probably win even against Sony even with this kind of spec. If this is the real spec, I expect this to be really cheap…probably around $150. One factor that made me pick up the gamecube was the price and Nintendo’s first party titles (I got it for around 110 canadian). If Gamecube was as expensive as the PS2 or XBOX, I probably wouldn’t have got it.