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Final Fantasy XIII – PS3 Exclusive? |

For all you Final Fantasy fans out there, you might like this rumour: how about an exclusive, PS3-only, Final Fantasy XIII ?

Sounds too good to be true? Welll, this is just a rumour, so maybe it is. 🙂

The May issue of EGM, which we’re thumbing through right now, hints that before Final Fantasy XII is released in the U.S. Square Enix plans to unveil Final Fantasy XIII at this May’s E3. This issue also reveals in its rumor mill section that we should “expect a brief teaser video and confirmation from the publisher that the RPG will be a PS3 exclusive.”

This corroborates rumblings we’ve heard that Final Fantasy XIII is practically close to being finished, and Square has been holding off on revealing it until FFXII (which was delayed several times) was released in Japan. – Final Fantasy XIII, PS3 Exclusive?

  • Black Guy

    iWouldn’t doubt this. Although, iWish Square-Enix would stop be’n so stubborn. They’re games would definitely sell more if they were to release on multiple platforms. Unless, Sony forked over some cash, iDon’t c any benefit to release a game on a single platform; especially if they costs as much as developers has been complaining about.

  • Stephen

    Sony seems to have a pretty tight grip on Square at the moment (probably through stocks). They are probably offering a lot of support/money to certain major developers to release exclusive games on PS3. If I remember correctly, that was one reason Square switch from Nintendo to Sony for FFVII.

    Looking at the 360 sales in Japan (usually less than 1500 units is being sold per week. Behind GCN and beating GBA and XBOX 1)…I don’t think it’s worth it for Square to put the effort and release Final Fantasy XIII on it. Most FF fans or JRPG fans in US/Japan/Europe..etc. are probably getting Playstation again for sure. XBOX just doesn’t have a diverse library at the moment.

    It’s would be nice to see more games appearing on multiple platform from a consumer perspective, but from a business perspective it doesn’t really make sense. If Square has the extra resource to co-develope the game on 360 to generate a little bit more sale, I rather them putting that resource on re-making FFVII for PS3. Probably make a lot more money out of it.

    MS should try harder (money and extra support) to get FF and more solid RPG on the 360 platform.

    Maybe Sony should try to get Halo or Team Ninja’s game on Playstation too.. 😛

  • Black Guy

    “Xbox 360 doesn’t have a desirable library?”

    iWonder what all those 20-30 million Xbox 1 buyers where doing w/ thhe system & why the current version continues to sell out 6 months after launch? iDon’t think ppl spend hundreds of $ on Xbox systems just because…

    A console isn’t going to sell if developers don’t support it. If Square would annouce a new FF or other major franchise instead of that rehashed 30yr old MMO they release for the X360, sales would instantly pickup. In the whole scheme of things, Square influence is significant mostly in Japan. Elsewhere, like in the US & UK, gamers seem to enjoy sending rockets down range @ a couple of alien creatures and lapping the race courses. The Xbox catters to those groups very well as reflected by its library and sales, but it would be nice to have more Square support, especially in Japan.

  • One person’s “desirable” is another person’s sludge…

  • Black Guy

    iGuess 20-30 million must like sludge…

  • * sigh *

    Person A likes games of type X. Person B likes games of type Y.

    Obviously, Xbox 360 owners like games of one type, while people holding out for the PS3 will typically like games of a different type.

    The original PS2 was much better known for RPG’s and platformers, for example, while the original Xbox had shooters as its forte.

  • Stephen

    Black guy..I am assuming you were quoting my message..but if not then please ignore this

    I don’t think I typed the word “desirable”….I am pretty sure I typed “diverse”

    The reason XBOX is losing money is because it’s main library is just not “diverse” enough. Majority of its games are made in US or Europe. These games are not selling in Japan at the moment, but Japanese consoles games have a very strong fan base in both NA and Europe. So obviously Sony is getting the upper hand. In my opinion, the only thing Sony doesn’t have any solid strong titles against MS are the FPS and some western RPG like elder scroll. These games have a signficant user base at the west, but not enough against Sony’s diverse fan base at the moment