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PS3 and HDMI |

Much has been made of the fact that the preliminary PS3 kits supposedly did not use HDMI. Sean Pelletier has some shots that show otherwise.

I’ve just posted a series of images taken on the showroom floor at GDC which clearly illustrates the fact that Sony did use HDMI connectivity for some SDK’s in the demo area. In addition, I also saw the standard Sony Multi A/V connector in use as well as an older SDK using S-Video from a standard NVIDIA graphics card.

It’s great Sean sent this to me, it just shows how people like to blow things out of proportion. The PS3 is half a year away. Even considering that they have to start production much sooner than that, Sony has plenty of time to get this all sorted out. Especially given that we know that they already have it partially working, and that they make televisions that use 1080p HDMI. So they have the will, the know-how, and the time. Come launch day, HDMI won’t be an issue.

Hot Hardware – PS3 Using HDMI at GDC

  • Matt

    I need to correct you on this. Their is no true 1080p HDTV set anywhere in the world (If their is none of us could afford it). The current HDMI cable cannot carry enough information to display a 1080p signal. Go to and ask around. (This is an awesome A/V website with people who spend 10s of thousands of dollars on theatre equipment.

    What a 1080p HDTV does is take the 1080i signal, which comes in 2 fazes, and combines them to create a full image instead of the half screen (interlaced) signal. This is essentially 1080p but a lot of things need to happen to create the false 1080p signal.

    This is kind of knit picking but I thought you might like to know. HDMI 2.0 is being worked on but may not be finished for a few years. Technology just hasn’t come that far yet.

  • Bob

    I am sorry to tell you this Matt but you are incorrect and may want to do some better research.

  • That’s right Bob. Here is a list of 1080p television sets that also accept 1080p signals:

    • HP MD6580n (DLP)
    • Sony VPL-VW100 (SXRD)
    • Sharp PN-455 (LCD)
    • Sony Bravia X series (LCD)
    • Sharp LC45GX6U (must connect directly)
    • Westinghouse 1080p LCD (I don’t know which model #)
    • Samsung HL-R6768W (DLP) (1080p input on VGA)
  • Jeremy

    Matt also hdmi is uncompressed video don’t believe everything you read. Just cause someone spends 10s of thousands of dollard on stuff doesn’t mean they really know anything and there are more and more Hdmi sets out there.

  • And all versions of HDMI from 1.0 up could pass 1080p signals. It was the electronics at either end that were not up to snuff. Consumer electronics companies just didn’t implement the feature. They are now starting to do so.

  • HDMI support for the PS3 is now up to 1.3a. 1.3c is coming around. Maybe HDMI 2.0 will be supported by the PS3 as well. More info at