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A reader told me about this and at first I didn’t believe it. It’s too weird. But it looks to be true, and moderators of the forum are denying that it might be an April Fools’ joke. is now going to be sponsored by Microsoft! Just too strange. I hope this doesn’t affect the board too much, it’s a great source of news.

Just so you know, my PS3 Forums aren’t sponsored by anybody! Feel free to post without Microsoft looking over your shoulder.

PS3Forums – The Deal With Microsoft

  • I hope this wasn’t in bad form, but I actually PM’d a couple people at the forums who expressed interest in leaving with the offer of coming to my forums.

    Do any of you think that was in bad taste? I’m wondering. I made sure to only PM a few people, and then only the ones that said they wanted to set up their own forum or to leave. I fugured it should be okay, but I don’t know.

  • Gary

    I don’t see how what you did is wrong. If people what to leave one forum and go to another forum it’s called freedom of choice. Doesn’t matter if your an admin of the forum.

  • JustMe

    Its a April fools joke guys. Why the hell would M$ be intrested in a small PS3 board. Its a joke!

  • Yeah, lots of people are thinking that. I actually put up this post before reading the whole thread over at PS3Forums, and now that I have, I’m starting to agree with you.

  • Actually, have been infiltrated by Microsoft quite some time ago, already.
    If you post anything negative (but true) about Xbox 360 on, you are sure to be banned without warning.

  • JustMe

    Thats crap Darth Pixel. The team (staff) is just very picky there. More people bash the 360 (even though it is crap) there because its a site for PS fans. I knew this was a joke from the get go.

  • Mr. Frowny Face

    Are you clueless? It was an April Fools joke. The site is not, and never will be, owned by Microsoft.

    And the posting policy isn’t anything like you guys are talking about. Quit spreading lies.