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About Home Theater

If you’re interest in home theater, you might like my new site,

It’s not going to be a strictly news site like Rather, I want inject some personal experiences and commentary in there too. For example, today there’s an article about my own home theater and how I put it together. If you have a home theater story, I’d love to hear it. Just contact me and I’ll post it to my site.

So if you like home theater, please check it out.


MotorStorm In-Game Shop

MotorStorm ShopHere’s something pretty cool from GDC.

You’ll remember in my PS3 GDC coverage, that Joshua mentioned PlayStation 3’s in-game shop integration. Well, here’s a pic from MotorStorm. (Click on it for a larger view.)

I think it’s pretty cool that you can buy things related to a game directly from within the game. No external shop to go to, with all the hassle of finding the correct game content. Instead, you have an interface right there in the game for buying stuff. Note that the additional MotorStorm track costs $2.50, which isn’t too bad. But I hope this doesn’t mean that they’ll only include a few tracks and then nickel-and-dime us for more. But I have a feeling that if that happens, gamers will vote with their wallets and publishers will learn real fast not to rip us off like that.

What do you think? (I forget where I got this pic, so I hope I’m not treading on anyone’s toes.)

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New LAIR ScreenShot

LairSeeing Lair last year at E3, I didn’t really think it looked all that great. And I didn’t really like the slithery wet look of the dragons.

But seeing this new screenshot of the game (click for larger image) changed my mind in a hurry. It actually looks like it might be from in the game, if the on-screen graphics are anything to go by. There’s a rider on the dragon and everything.

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GDC Screenshots

I have two sources of GDC pictures of the PS3 in action at GDC. They are rather small, low-res shots, most are blurry, but at least they give you a general idea of what the PS3 games and interface will look like. It’s still more than half a year away, though, so things may change.

CLUB SKILL – GDC 2006 – Sony Keynote
Joystiq – MotorStorm, Resistance and more: pictures from Sony’s GDC keynote

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