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New poll: SCEE VP: PS3 will be €499 – €599 |

While you’re digging through your couch for change, you might want to check the loveseat, chair, beds, and vehicles too, if this rumour is to be believed.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe VP George Fornay supposedly said that the PS3 will sell for €499 to €599. That’s about $613 to $736 in American dollars. Hey, this isn’t the 3DO! What’s up with that price?

So the new poll question is, do you believe that this information is accurate? Or are you going to wait for official confirmation before believing this price?

As always, the poll is in the sidebar on the main site (for all you feed readers).

Joystiq – SCEE VP says PS3 will cost 499 to 599 euros

Last poll results:

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* HDTV: 69% (84)
* SD: 31% (38)

Total Votes : 122

  • Black Guy

    iDoubt the PS3 will sell 4 that price; it would b suicide. Regardless if the tech justifies the price, the brand is still associated w/ being a video game system and that just isn’t going to fly w/ a lot of ppl. A couple of systems have tested those waters in the past and ended up being marginalized or out-of-business.

    A read a comment related to this story where a Sony exec stated that, “The price may b high 4 a video game system, but its cheap for a BR player.” [What?] It appears that Sony is loosing sight of what a game system is suppose to b. The PSP suffered a drought of games its 1st year on the market ‘cuz Sony was so focused on promoting the other capabilities of the system rather than building on how the general public identified w/ the product. This eventually led to the PSP getting tossed up by the DS; a grossly inferior system. If they have the same strategy in mind for the PS3, X360 & Revo r going to clean house. One can assume that most (of course not all) will b buying a PS3 for games not to watch $50 BR movies.

    iCould c loyalists rushing out to snatch up a PS3 @ those prices but it would have a hard time maintaining sales after the inital frenzy is over.

  • Black Guy

    * I read not A read

  • I am german, and the price mentioned above isnt too far from being unreal!

    Imagine, the XBox 360 costs $400 in the US BUT 400€ in Euroland…

    The 1 to 1 Conversion (although WE lose by that) is totally common with nearly everything sold worldwide!

    We pay 60€ for newly released PS2 games i.e. Or the PS2 (Slim) costs 150€, while in the US it’s sold for merely $150.

    So, the price above would translate not to the $700+ but rather to $499 or $599 (what about taxes?? I dont know, the German prices always get declared with them, because we dont differentiate per “state”).

    IF the PS3 would come for 499€, I would buy it from the spot!!

  • reaper

    Still sucks but it wont be as high as $600 for American gamers….

  • Matt

    Like I said before. If they can sell out the intial supply at a much higher rate to the true game enthusiasts they will. If they know they will have shortages that last for 6 months they should sell them at $499 +.

    If Microsoft could do it again they might sell the initial systems at $500 (throw in a tacky first shipment mod) then when the first 2-3 million units are gone you release the versions we are familiar with now and drop the price $100. People paid much more than $500 on Ebay.

    The reality is they sell very little systems at the intial price point. Lets say 10-15 million (which is high). Then double that to 30 million at the first/second price reduction. The 70 million + after that are at the $179 or lower price.

    I don’t know, my thoughts.

  • WonderSteve

    Sigh….I feel sorry for EU that they always have to pay a premium for consoles. This is pretty expensive for a console, but if it has good third party games it will be fine. I probably spend more money on PS2 games way more than this price.

    Maybe a lot of EU people will important the PS3 since it’s cheaper at US and it’s region free.

    This can also be a marketing strategy though. Keep on saying it would be expensive and actually launch it at a lower price may make a lot of people think it’s a good deal in the end

  • Well I can’t say that I’m suprised. As stated before in the comments, the 1 to 1 conversion is a common practice. This practice has many reasons among the fact that a price tag of 499€ or $499 looks better then 489€ or $515, it’s a scientific fact.

    Also at this time the gamers in the EU are ****ed because of the 1 to 1 transition, but… yeah there is always a but, we in the EU have also had a couple of years profit from this 1 to 1 coin conversion. When the € just got introduced a dollar was worth about 1,28€. But since 2002 this has changed to… well almost the exact opposite. 1€ now is worth about $1,20

    I guess it’s time for us to equal the balance, tough I don’t like the practice at all, there is nothing we can do about it.

    It’s like several shops do in The Netherlands. They don’t give back the exact amount, they round it up. Like your bill says it’s 15,53€ then they round it up to 15,55€ which in my humble Belgian eyes is a outright scandal!

    Anyways, I think the 499€ and $499 is the most expected price and if everyone is honest with him/herself, you kind of expected it as well. Perhaps you don’t want to acknowledge it yet.

    My 5 eurocents

  • I’ve heard that part of that is the VAT (value added tax). I’m not from europe some I’m pretty unfamiliar with it but i read on wikipedia that it’s a “minimum” of 15% added to the final price. so 499€ less 15% is 424.15 convert that to US$ it’s roughly $515 so…. yeah it’s going to to be $499 over here I can’t imagine them launching at a different price.

    And as for importing, even if that we’re financial viable, Europeans would still be screwed (I believe) because where as PS3 games will be region free, their will still be PAL and NTSC format consoles. I don’t think that they’re going to differentiate between NTSC-J and NTSC-NA however and North American’s could import from Japan.

  • Not to get picky, but you don’t just subtract 15% to get back to the original price. Remember that if (X+ 15% of X = 500), that doesn’t mean that (500 – 15% of 500 = X).

    You want to solve this: what number, when added with 15% of it, gets me 500? In other words:

    Solve for X: 15% of X, plus X equals 500

    0.15X + X = 500
    (0.15 + 1)X = 500
    1.15X = 500
    X = 500/1.15
    X = 434.78

    So if the PS3 goes for €500, including 15% VAT, the original price was €434.78.

  • Also, I was reading at IGN forums where one guy questioned whether this was really all that much. He said that the Xbox 360 goes for €450, so why are people balking at €500, which is only €50 more? €50 for a a built-in BD player is a pretty good deal, versus the Xbox 360’s DVD player.

    (I can’t confirm this price, however.)

  • did you see today’s news? apparently the SCEE guy’s comments were misinterpreted. makes sense to me…

  • Yeah I saw that. Now I feel vindicated for saying “no” in the poll!