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Rayman coming to Next-Gen |

Rayman, that good old platformer character who made his way through three different titles, is coming back for a fourth installment. He’ll be coming to current and next-gen systems, and that’ll probably include the PS3.

I’m not one for platformers, so I’m just wondering what all of you think of this. Is Rayman really that good a franchise? Would you look forward to it on the PS3?

IGN – Rayman Returns

  • Gary

    My girlfriend will be happy so I have no doubts she will try & steal a couple of hours on my PS3 (whenever I get one).

    It’s an average platformer to be honest. Not worth getting excited about.

  • Black Guy

    iThought it the games were good. iPersonally enjoyed it more than most other platforms including Mario games. This character has never been marketed very well. IMO, if UBI really got behind this, Rayman has the potential to b big; at least comparable to Jax.

  • the rayman games were well-reviewed, iirc, but despite my love of platformers, i could never quite get into rayman, for whatever reason…

  • Jordan

    The one thing that trully ticked me off about my xbox purchase was the lack of really fun platformers like Sly, Rachet and Clank, and so on…

    Sometimes a like a nice relaxing linear game. Life is hard, games should be easy 🙂