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Beowulf on PS3 |

The classic tale of Beowulf is coming to your PS3, courtest of 4HEAD Studios.

Gustaf Stechmann, Producer and Creative Director of Beowulf, is equally optimistic: “Beowulf is an exceptionally strong license and has the potential to make quite a splash on next-generation platforms. With 4HEAD and 3D-IO, we have brought two of the most talented teams in the industry together, in order to develop this game to its maximum potential.”

In terms of game specifics, Beowulf will be an action adventure with a strong emphasis on combat. The game chronicles the exploits of (who else?) Beowulf, which took place during the age of the Vikings. Developers promise an innovative battle system, as well as a compelling narrative with well-written characters.

Sounds like it might be interesting…

IGN – Beowulf Announced


  1. heh, at first i thought this was going to be about beowulf clusters of PS3s.

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