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PS3 Not €499 – €599 After All |

Sony has issued a statement saying that the SCEE VP’s comments about a price of €499 – €599 was just a comparison he was making to BD players, and how inexpensive the PS3 would be in relation. It wasn’t actually a hint about the actual price of the PS3.

Colour me surprised. – Fornay’s comments are not an indication of PS3 pricing

  • Black Guy

    Those guys r trying to generate publicity in the typical Sony fashion; and it seems to b working.

    “The PS3 will cost $2000 @ launch w/o a controller and necessary cables.” Negative fans reaction incited…

    Two days later: “PS3 will cost only $1000 and include all the accessories contracry to the previous report.” Fans r now execessively entusiastic ’bout the PS3 ‘cuz it will costs 1/2 the price as previously reported & it will include everything.”

    Another couple of days passes: “Actually we were just joking at the last two news conferences, the PS3 cost has not been determined @ this time.”

  • Gary

    They don’t need to generate publicity.

    The internet is quite capable of creating publicity for Sony (or Nintendo or Microsoft for that matter) without Sony even trying.

    Sony could stay quiet until their pre E3 show & there will still be news all over the internet of “PS3 will cost $—-” or “****** will be a launch game” etc.