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Are you willing to wait for the PS3? |

This is my first contribution to Henning’s excellent blog so please be kind to me! 😀

We all know the PS3 is set for a November launch but I have one slight concern. Games.
A few people I know are planning on getting a PS3 at launch regardless of the quality of games available.

I find this puzzling. Surely the main reason for owning a PS3 is games right?
Yet there are people that don’t seem to care about the calibre of games that will be available during the early months of the PS3’s life.

I know nothing has been confirmed 100% with regards to which games will be available alongside the PS3, hopefully e3 will enlighten us all, but I’m willing to wait until there are a decent amount of quality PS3 games until I purchase a PS3. Otherwise I will have a very expensive paperweight on my hands!

Anybody else share my opinion or are you all sitting on piles of money while gazing lovingly at your diamond encrusted gold loafers?

Feel free to discuss the above or anything else on this blog in the PS3 forum.

  • Michael

    First off, congraduatulations on gettin the writing job ps3blog. It’s very exciting to see someone else putting their two cents in on ps3 news. To contribute to your discussion, no, I don’t plan on waiting until I see quality games before I purchase a ps3, and yes, I do plan(hope to be) one of those lucky people who get a ps3 on launch day one. I know, as do we all, that the ps2 had alot of broken promises, but we have all seen the things that it is suppose to do, and anything short of that will be immediately obivious. I know that the ps3 will have great games that I think will probably be there on day one. We all know that (most) of the e3 05 ps3 games shown were just videos and that the gdc 06 (confirmed) real-time demos weren’t as hot as the ones shown at e3, but regardless, I still think that the gdc 06 stuff looked really good for potentially launch games and better than the ps2 games by quality and quanitity. While the e3 05 ps3 videos weren’t real-time, I have NOT DOUBT thatps3 games will look that good within a year or so, which is more than I can say for xbox 360 games at launch or the foreseable future(sorry, run-on). So, in closing, I truthy believe that the ps3 will live up to it’s true potential and deliver everything that Ken says it will along with awesome perphils that are sure to come.

  • observer

    Most people don’t get a console at launch for the launch titles. It’s less about the immediate gaming experience offered out of the box and more about a taste of something completely new. Also, major console launches generate enormous buzz. Everyone is talking about them and product awareness is extremely high.

    Both PS2 and X360 launched with pretty weak game lineups but excitement was through the roof. Honestly, though, I think PS3 will break this trend and actually have some amazing games at (or very near) launch. There are a bunch of potential PS3 launch games that I’m really excited about. The new Gran Turismo, MGS4, Resistance (from Insomniac Games), all sound awesome. Also there are games with loads of potential such as the next Getaway, DMC, and Killzone. And there are a ton of other new series coming out which could produce a few surprise hits and of course, the EA/Ubisoft cross platform titles.

    There’s a million things that could go wrong with a product launch of this magnitude. But I’m confident that the PS3 will have game content well covered.

  • observer

    michael, what broken promises did the PS2 have? I sure didn’t think it would deliver as many good games as it did.

  • Michael

    Observer, I am just refering to those off the wall insane comments that Ken Kutarmi made to up the ps2 launch hype. But, this is by no means to say that I wasn’t happy with the ps2. I love the Sony Playation brand. I specificly brought up the broken promises thing because just about every time I read an article after e3 05 where the author didn’t believed that the ps3 could pull off the stuff we saw there they would say, Sony is notorious for over hyping their machines…the ps2 brought “broken promises” because it didn’t deliver everything it said it would. Like I said, I was happy, and got what I paid, but this was just to say that for all those people who weren’t completely happy with the ps2, I think that the ps3 will completely deliver this time around.

  • Project51

    Am I willing to wait for PS3?

    If the “waiting” refer to getting an X360… Yes, I’m still waiting for what Sony will offer. I can only afford one next-gen console.

    Is the Game really important?

    Not really. I have lots of love with some of the games for the PS2… but instead… I got Xbox1 (instead of PS2) because I like what they offered on their hardware. Their (Xbox S) controller is better and has break-away/longer cable than PS2. It has 4 ports which is really fun. So the game choices were not really that important.

  • Project51

    Is the PS3 price important?

    If the PS3 will cost $600… I’m still considering it as long as the hardware itself impresses me. I’ve read that Nvidia will have a sound hardware chip in PS3. I’m still hoping that they increase the 512MB RAM to 640MB (or higher).

    I don’t really care about BluRay or HD-DVD.

  • WonderSteve

    I am definitely waiting. I am going to save up my summer job’s money for it.

    Hopefully the PS3 is going to have a strong launch library. I think the PSP’s launch library is pretty good. I actually got 3 pretty good games out of it (MGA, Lumines, Wipeout Pure).

    Until Microsoft can bring the North American market with good Japanese games such as 99 nights, Blu-Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Project Skylh, Gundam…etc. I will still wait for the PS3. The only game I am interested in the 360 library is DOA4. GRAW is also not bad too…

  • Glen the Hen

    I want a PS3 because I would like to replace my Desktop Computer. To much of a leap Sony? I certainly hope not.

  • Leo

    I don’t think that quality games will be a problem at the PS3 launch. Why are people forgetting about all the AAA quality titles that released at the American PS2 launch?? SSX, DOA2, Tekken Tag, and Ridge Racer V were fantastic 1st gen titles.

  • Zargo

    seriously i dont care if yall hate on this comment but the Ps3 certainly aint living up to all the hype from E3, i really dont care about it, its been delayed a good few times and its like they are downgrading it….!

  • It’s been delayed once. They said all along that they would release the PS3 in the spring of 2006. Now it’s been delayed half a year to November 2006.

    As far as the original question is concerned, yes I’ll be buying a PS3 right off the bat, for a number of reasons.

    1. I like cool new techy stuff.
    2. I have a blog about the PS3, so I better! 🙂
    3. I am confident that good games will be released for it, so what does it matter if I get it sooner rather than later?
    4. I like being the first on the block with something new.
    5. Even if there are no good games for it, I have an HDTV and fully intend to use the PS3’s BD player to watch movies in HD.

  • Gary

    Thank you Michael but I don’t really see it as a job.

    I see your point observer but if people get a PS3 at launch & find there are no games that they are interested in then surely that leaves them with using it as a PS2 replacement until the games that they want are released?

    I’ve told my girlfriend I want a PS3 for Christmas & if she manages to get me one I’m damn sure I won’t be complaining about lack of games! 🙂

    Personally I do believe the PS3 will have some quality games alongside it but the only concern I have is actually the price of games. £50 is just too high in my opinion.

    You will probably find cheaper prices online but I just wonder how long it will take for the price of next gen games to fall to an affordable price for regular Joe & Jane or the parents of little Timmy?

    Glen I kind of agree with you but I think I will write about what I would like from my PS3 in a future write up.

    Zargo if your not interested in the PS3 then why are you reading a PS3 blog? 😉

  • Patrick

    I will definately be buying a PS3 at launch. I loved Ps1, PS2 and really dont care for 360 at this point, maybe when quality games come out. But PS3 is one I will have at launch, I will buy 2 or 3 games and an extra controller and will finally be able to play all the Blu-ray movies I will have bought after the Blu-ray launch. I have NO doubt what so ever that BOTH Blu-ray and PS3 will be great.