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PS3 titles “confirmed” for e3 |

IGN has a big list of games they say have been confirmed to be present at e3.
Below are the PS3 games “confirmed”:

Buena Vista Games:
Pirates of the Caribbean 3.
Turok Next .

D3 Publisher of America:
Dark Sector.

Fatal Inertia.

Midway Games:
Unreal Tournament 2007.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sony Online Entertainment:
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom.

Now this is only what IGN says has been officially confirmed so don’t be too dissapointed not to see MGS or Killzone on that list because I bet they will be present at e3 alongside loads of other PS3 games not on the list.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing Sonic after watching the game in action late last year. It looked stunning!

So which games are you hoping to see at e3 this year?

I hope to see the much rumoured FFXIII demo at e3. That’s if it’s true & not an April fool. 😯

IGN- The Big e3 Games list 2006

  • Tomas

    If they will show Killzone or either Motorstorm I will be happy, if not I’ll watch the last year’s E3 conference from Sony, again :'(

  • The footage of Motorstorm showed at GDC didn’t look nearly as good as the initial demos. Then there is the matter of Sony shipping the dev kits out very late. It will be interesting to see how complete the games will be at E3 (and how many will actually be on show).

  • JustME

    @ Gabbahead

    Thats because it was a demo from December of last year that was suppose to be shown at an event then. So don’t worry, it will look alot better at E3. 😉