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GT Creator Interview |

1UP.COM has an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital mostly about Tourist Trophy, but near the end there’s an exchange that I thought was interesting, if not exactly earth shattering.

1UP: Finally, can you give us any update on Gran Turismo PSP?

KY: We are in the works. It is going forward. It does exist. We’re working on it. We don’t have a release date, of course. A question for you is do people out there really have high hopes for a GT version on PSP?

1UP: I think so, yeah. Back when it was first talked about, people got really excited. I guess it’s kind of fallen off the map because it hasn’t really been talked about since then, but it’ll be big news.

KY: Another question. Which do you think would you or the users would like to have first: a PS3 version of Gran Turismo or PSP version of Gran Turismo?

1UP: I guess the PS3…but what you could do is have the PSP version around August and then hit the PS3 launch in November…

KY: [laughs]

Who’s interviewing whom? I find it funny that Mr. Yamauchi is asking the interviewer questions. 🙂

I have a PS2 and a PSP. I plan to purchase a PS3. So I’ll have all three systems come November. To answer the last question, I personally would much prefer the PS3 version of Gran Turismo over a PSP version. So for all you PSP owners out there who hope to get a PS3 as well, what do you think? – GT Creator Interview

  • Black Guy

    1 of the primary reasons iBought PSP was 4 games like GT. iForgot all about this game until today.