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PS3’s BD Drive to Cost $400? |

PS3In-Stat claims that BD and HD DVD drives cost about $400, according to ars technica.

The report starts off by analyzing a bill of materials for “blue laser players” and came up with a round figure of about US$400. This includes not only the hardware, but royalty licenses for the various codecs included in the players.

Maybe, maybe not. I’m no expert, so I can’t really refute this or not. Though four hundred bucks sounds a little extreme for what is basically a glorified DVD drive. But who am I to say?

Here’s a part of the next paragraph, however:

Blu-ray players are thought to cost more to manufacture than HD DVD ones, and this appears to be borne out by the current retail price of the cheapest HD DVD player (the Toshiba HD-A1 at US$499) compared to the least expensive Blu-ray device (Samsung’s BD-P1000 at US$999).

BD drives probably are more expensive than HD DVD drives. The discs use a slightly more advanced structure. But that has nothing to do with the price of these first-gen players to hit the market. Manufacturers always price first-gen players extremely high to help recoup the costs of development, because early adopters will typically pay those prices. Samsung ($1000), Sony ($1000), and Pioneer ($1800) are all following the normal procedures for introducing a new platform. It’s Toshiba that’s out of whack at $800 and $500 for their players. Toshiba, my guess, is trying to price their players cheaply to make BD look like the expensive option, trying to give it that image permanently. Let’s not kid ourselves here. My first DVD player from Toshiba cost me over $800, and it was a piece of crap compared to what $100 players can do today.

Not only that, but early adopters prefer the more expensive players. I bet you that Toshiba’s pricier player with sell better. Back in the day, Sony’s first player was an expensive one. Their second was more affordable, and it didn’t sell nearly as well as the other one.

So the price of the first-gen blue-laser disc players is set by the marketing departments, and really doesn’t have a lot to do with component prices.

ars technica – HD DVD and Blu-ray drives cost over US$400 to build

  • Black Guy

    “…early adopters prefer the more expensive players… ”

    Thats not an objective statement. iThink that consumers in general r a lot more informed and perceptive of technological changes and advancements than they were back in the day. These r hardly the days when u could find dozens of ppl who don’t even know what a router is. There will always b those few elites w/ deep pockets that can afford everything beyond the sun or those that r willing to get themselves into debt up to their eye balls to have the latest item. The others however, iThink they will be more inclined to compare and scrutinize what they r getting for a particular price. Utility prices r so unpredictable & unstable, interest rates r rising, our government is at war w/ everyone and their grandmother which is siphoning the economy’s capacity to parry substansial impacts. These r times of uncertainties & consumers r more reserved w/ their cheese.

    The smart consumer is not going to run out to buy the $1800 next generation player when a $1000 model does the same thing or maybe just a little less. This purchasing behaviour is evident with HDTVs. A lot of the cheaper brands r really coming around cuz consumers have become educated to the fact that the cheaper brands, in many cases, r built from the same essential components used in the premium brands and they offer a comparable performace @ a substantial savings. @ Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, & Costco, there is a 1080p Akai 50″ HDTV for about $1500 that features an ALMOST identical image quality to the $4000 Pioneer 50″ plasma TV. Guess which is always out of stock… Hint: Which is cheaper?

    So if BR comes out the door expecting massive sales @ premium dollars, it might b in 4 a disappointment. HD-DVD is going to b out fairly soon @ 1/3 the price and it will offer the EXACT same image/audio quality of the competitor. Consumers r going to do a side-by-side and their is good chance the cheaper of the 2 will win out. Then again, DVD r good enough 4 many & many r not ready to upgrade – especially those cats that could run a Blockbuster out of their house – so bowf of these formats may b a tough sell regardless.

  • Black Guy

    If BR-Drive really cost $400 to build, it would b prohibitively expensive to include in a game console that is suppose to have mass market appeal. The BOM for PS3 guts alone probably cost 1/2 that… Either the PS3 will really need to b financed w/ 1’s house as collateral OR Sony is gearing up 4 a copious loss of cash this gen in an effort to propagate BR into the market & recover their losses from royalties of other stand alone players & content… Pretty risky: placing all their eggs in the proverbial basket since the rest of the company is exactly lighting up the bottom line.

  • I stand by my statement. Early adopters are not as price sensitive as the main wave of buyers.

  • The thing with these BOMs are, they arent conclusive AT ALL!

    The BOM for the PS3 ALWAYS include a fully fletched BD Rom player (not only the drive itself, which WILL be MUCH cheaper).

    The cell will handle the streams, no propriertary BD chip, that will be inside normal standalone players! So, eventually, the price of the PS3 BD Rom “player” will NOT be $400 but rather $100-$150, because no other chips (only for hdmi crap) is needed!!

  • observer

    Arstechnica is a very Microsoft-centric site. Anything on that site related to Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD, PS3 vs. 360, or Java vs. NET has a very heavy slant. If you’re looking for an objective or fair viewpoint on Blu-Ray, you’re looking in the wrong spot.

  • WonderSteve

    I agree with observer…

    I’ve been reading that site for quite a while….the majority of ars technica really really dislikes Sony for non-technical reasons

  • WonderSteve

    and regarding the price about BD Drive…they are actually available for pre-order at my local electronic store (Futureshop, LD, Bestbuy…etcs)

    The Samsung BD P1000 Blu-ray player is 1299 CAN. The toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player is 699 CAN. However, the Toshiba player can only do up to 1080i and it has a ethernet port. I heard from people in stores that the player must be connected to internet in order to play the HD-DVD disk (check if it’s a legal copy). So far this requirement is not listed on the Samsung blu-ray player (It doesn’t list that it has an ethernet port).

    As for price differences, there’s only one HD-DVD title available for order. Chronos for 25 CAN. The Blu-ray version is EXACTLY the same price. It certainly doesn’t seem like HD-DVD is cheaper like most people tried to argue. Blu-ray has many more titles so far available for order too. Those other titles cost around 30 CAN