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Brothers in Arms 3 Scans |

Brothers in Arms 3I’ve been playing a lot of first person shooters recently. My place of work has eight networked PC’s connected up in the basement just for gaming. So at lunch time we head down to the depth for some Battlefield 2 or Call of Duty 2 action. I’ve never been a big fan of these kinds of games before. But I certainly am now. I’m crap at it, but it’s still fun.

And here’s one that’s coming to the PS3 (among other platforms): Brothers in Arms 3. Some scans from a magazine have surfaced, and this game looks pretty good. They’re not screenshots per se, but I think they’re indicative of what the game will look like. I hope that the PS3 version supports a keyboard and mouse!

TK! Oh no, not again! 🙁

QJ.NET – New Brothers in Arms 3 Scans

  • Black Guy

    Why r so many ppl big on having a keyboard/mouse setup 4 a console? Go play on a desktop or a laptop for that. It would not make the playing grounds fair online cuz I’m sure there r a lot out there who share my opinion & will b playing using a controller. Leaderboards will not accurate cuz ppl could b using different tools. iThink it would create too many problems for online gaming or such related functions.

    iRemeber back in the day when iHad such a setup for my Dreamcast. Man it was more pain in the gluteus than it was worth. iHad to rest the keyboard overthere, place the mouse on the chair, then iHad to b close enough so that the cables could reach the TV cabinet where the dreamcast was housed… iEventually gave up cuz it was more comfortable laying down or putting my feet up w/ a simple control in my hand & a tasty beverage on the side.

  • I’d like the option, is all. Oh, and I’d be using a bluettooth mouse and keyboard. None of these silly wires!

  • Gary

    I have to agree with Black Guy on this.

    I’ve tried playing games on a friends PC and I just can’t do it. I’m too used to using a joypad and a joystick before that.

    The only thing I would use a keyboard & mouse for would be browsing the internet if the PS3 is able to.

    However if a keyboard & mouse was available for the PS3 then I think a lot more PC gamers would be drawn to console gaming especially if RTS games like the Total War series were made available for consoles.