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Prototype Darkwatch 2 Video |

Little is known about Darkwatch 2 but in-case anybody missed it you can find a low res video of Darkwatch 2* from GDC 06 below:

YouTube – Prototype Level Darkwatch 2

The first Darkwatch on PS2 was an above average FPS that had you playing the role of Vampire cowboy Jericho Cross hunting down various monsters & bad guys. I never played it myself so I can’t really comment about it but the video looks quite good with the way the lightening strikes lighting up the room but it looked a little too dark so maybe a torch would be a good addition?


Thanks to a reader, JustMe, for informing us that the video above is in fact a prototype level that was created last year.


It’s a prototype level they built last year to demo one of their ideas for a creating a ‘fear moment,” says High Moon Studios public relations representative Meelad Shoidh. “What the bootleg video leaves out is them calling it a prototype level before running the video.”

We already know the company is hard at work at next-generation projects for Vivendi, but apparently we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what exactly they have up their sleeves.

Oh well. That explains the shoddy quality anyway.

  • Vampire cowboys aren’t really my thing, but man that video quality is bad. You can’t tell if it’s a PS2 game or PS3 game!

  • Gary

    C’mon Henning, you know you always wanted to be a Vampire cowboy when you were little!!


    The video quality is poor though. It’s just way to dark.

  • JustME

    The developers have just stated that this is NOT Darkwatch 2.

    Thought I believe it is in development but they are testing the waters to see if part 2 is actualy wanted.