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New Poll: Wordwide Launch a Good Idea? |

Gary suggested this one, and I think it’s a good idea. The poll question is about whether or not you think a worldwide launch is a good idea. I have mixed feelings about this. I wish that they could launch in spring in Japan and Novemeber in other regions. That way, Sony could work out problems and get some working software under their belt before introducing it to the rest of the world. But alas, that’s not to be. By the time Novemeber rolls around it’ll be a year since the 360’s launch, so Sony needs to launch in more than one territory come November. They can’t dilly-dally any more. So therefore I have to cast my vote for a simultaneous launch.

So, do you think a worldwide launch is a good idea? Vote in the sidebar, as always. Choices are:

* Yes. Any PS3’s in my region is better than none.
* No. Do it right in each region, one at a time.
* Not sure. Can’t be worse than the 360’s launch!

Last poll results:

Do you believe that the PS3 will be €499 to €599?

* Yes.: 26% (27)
* No – need official word.: 74% (77)

Total Votes : 104

  • Gary

    I think you have to weigh up the pros & cons of a worldwide launch.

    With me being based in England I was expecting to have to wait until 2007 to get my hands on a PS3, what with all the “PS3 delayed!!!!” rumours & lack of official confirmation from Sony, so when they announced a worldwide Nov 2006 launch I was surprised & pleased (pleased or relieved!)

    I know there will be shortages & plenty of people will miss out on getting a PS3 before Christmas but for me I was resigned to not having the chance to try & get a PS3 until way after the Japan & North American launches.

    On the other hand if it had of been a staggered launch then each region would’ve had more consoles to go around thus increasing your chances of getting one, but you would’ve had to wait a few months longer before you could even try.

    I just hope that retailers have learned from the mistakes they made with handling the 360 launch. Preorders didn’t guarantee you a console with some people being able to just walk in & purchase a 360 when others who paid deposits ended up empty handed. Even store managers got in on scamming customers by withholding stock & selling them on eBay for ludicrous prices!

  • JustME

    I think it all depends on onething. Supply. If Sony can have a huge supply then its worth doing a worldwide launch. We all know they are never going to meet demand on launch day, but they need to have the biggest supply ever. And this one million units a month sounds good, but when you think how many regions that has to cover is not alot.

  • With reports coming out left and right about Sony’s unpreparedness it’s a little disconcerting. I think that we’ll have shortages at the PS3 launch just like the 360’s launch. One million a month isn’t bad, actually, but I’d like to see Sony deliver. Microsoft has set the bar pretty high with the 360 this time.

  • WonderSteve

    I think it’s a really bad idea to do a worldwide launch. They can never meet the demand.

    Sony is probably more experience with hardware than Microsoft. They replenish the PS2 pretty quick when it launched in my area. But I still think there wouldn’t be enough PS3 to meet the demand for sure

  • The only way a worldwide launch hurts me is if it causes system shortages. And actually that won’t really effect me because I plan on pre purchasing my system waaaaaaay in advance.

  • JustME

    “I think it’s a really bad idea to do a worldwide launch. They can never meet the demand.”

    They never will anyway they do it. So why not try a worldwide launch? Sony needs to get the PS3 out there ASAP. You don’t want people to suffer with the 360 for to long do you? πŸ˜‰