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Xbox Movie Showcase |

Now this is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking forward to on my PS3, and it better have it! (Actually, all indications are that it will.) Paramount pictures is going to be offering HD versions of movie trailers for Xbox 360 users to download and view on their HD televisions.

Launching April 12, the Xbox Movie Showcase will feature free, high-definition, downloadable content from MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, starring Tom Cruise and directed by J.J. Abrams (the creator of LOST and ALIAS), hitting theaters May 5, and NACHO LIBRE, a comedy starring Jack Black and directed by Jared Hess, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) in theaters June 16.

Sure, it’s only two movies. But it’s a start. Right now I like to go to Apple’s QuickTime site to check out movie trailers in HD. But that’s on my puny little 19″ CRT monitor. I’d much prefer to see movie trailers in glorious HD and 5.1 surround sound on my HT!

VFXWorld – Paramount, Xbox Launch Movie Showcase

  • I don’t know why thisis being reported as new, there’s been a mission impossible trailer for download practically since launch, plus a lot of other movies. I watch the 720p cars trailer practically every time I turn on my 360 (my pc chokes on that res)

  • I’m not saying by you, I’m saying the original article, but maybe there will be a different way they post the movie trailers now, since here are two different video areas on the 360 dashboard. It’s still odd tho.

  • Not having an Xbox 360, I can’t really comment on that! 😉

  • Black Guy

    Richard –

    iThink u have some misunderstandings ’bout how the dashboard handles organizes videos. 1 video location is located under the “games” blade while the other is located under “media”. Videos u download from marketplace, a game trailer for example, will b available under the “games” blade. The video option under the “media” blade is where u would stream contect, like a movie, from a computer connected to u’r network.

    this is just a simple little breakdown; its actually a little more involved than what iExplained. But the same contents r not available under both places. Their exclusive to the kind of content that is accessible.

  • No, when you stream video from a media cneter PCyou hit the media center button. The video button located on that same blade is only for videos stored on the xbox 360’s hard drive (only the videos that cme with the 360, as downloaded trailers are in the other section). That button is not for streaming.

    It might get changed later, but at this ponit that is all its there for.

  • Black Guy

    Negative. iUse the X360 religiously am quite familiar w/ the dash. The video option under media blade is not just for the videos that came w/ the system; that is simply incorrect. Both blades access only relevant videos based on the function of the blade. Game trailers & thinks like that r available under Games. Movies, video streaming, & other similar functions r under Media. Example, a game trailer cannot b accessed from Media, u have to go to Games or movies cannot b viewed from Games.

    If u have an X360, try this. Go to market place to download a trailer for a game and a movie. When u attempt to access them, u’ll find that they’ve been placed accordingly.

  • WonderSteve

    360 also have anime avilable for download in HD. I have a Japanese account on my friend’s 360.

    Too bad you can’t play games on the system when it’s downloading stuff though…the file is just too huge. They really should fix this

  • Black Guy

    WonderSteve –

    Is that anime any good? Subtitles?

  • WonderSteve

    Hey Black Guy.

    Unfortunately the file was really big even at 480p. My friend didn’t want to wait for the download. I am pretty sure there’s no subtitle. There’s only one anime available on Japan XBL right now. I think they are trying to see how many people are interested. The head of MS Japan did mention in the future they are planning on offering anime on XBL for a small fee per Ep.

    I think it’s a cool idea . Being able to download anime in HD on consoles. MS definitely get this one right. It would be really cool if they offer more shows. The 360 also need a bigger HDD and allow you to play games when downloading. Now if only MS get more exclusive from JAP developers…I would definitely pick up a 360..

  • I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. I’m not sure if you’re misunderstanding the difference between the words “blade” and “button”. But when you go to the media center blade w/ the music, pictures, media center and video. The video button there ONLY allows you to access the movies that originally came with the xbox 360. It does not allow you to view downloaded trailers. The only way to watch downloaded trailes is to go back to the blade with xbla and demos and trailers, and select trailers.

    Selecting media center or video in the other blade does not in any circumstance give you access to those. There is no way as of current, to add videos to that vdeo button. If you have an xbox 360 and go to that blade, and press the button marked video, you will not see any other movies than the ones that came preinstalled, unless you have deleted them in which case you’ll see nothing at all.

    That button (not blade, button) never allows you to access anything else.

  • Additionally, no theres nothing different about these trailers. They also posted some free themes and gamer pictures, but thats it.

  • Black Guy

    Richard –

    It would be idiotic to have such a button dedicated to accessing videos that came exclusively w/ the system. That button would effectively b useless when one deletes those files. Then what would b the point? I’ve accessed video stored on the MU and videos(not game related) that iDownloaded from Live through the media blade & selecting the button u’ve identified as having a sole purpose.

    iTried it again last nite just to be sure, & it works just as iExplained in the previous posts. We must b taking about different things cuz what u r decribing does not fall in line w/ what i’ve experienced.