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Global Release For PS3 Games? |

A lot has been said about Phil Harrison’s claims that Sony are “ahead of the curve” with regards to meeting the November worldwide launch. But one supposed comment that I think has been overlooked is the apparent claim that Sony could be planning global release dates for PS3 games or so says GamesRadar:

As well as a simultaneous global outing for its next-gen console, Harrison indicated that Sony will “hopefully be moving towards a global release date” for PS3 titles – a move that would be hugely beneficial to UK gamers, who traditionally have to endure a lengthy wait long after a game is released in the US and Japan.

If this did turn out to be true then it would be fantastic news with regards to getting games the same time as North American & Japanese gamers. It might even solve the problem of certain games not being released in multiple regions.

One recent game that springs to mind is Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition. I’m a HUGE DMC fan & when I found out DMC3:SE wasn’t getting a release outside North America I was gutted. It’s OK for people who can or are willing to import these games but I’m not one of them.

The downside of getting games the same time as our North American & Japanese cousins is we could miss out on the extras that we sometimes get from game developers who have extra time to polish & add bonus features to a game.

The only concern would be translation problems for text heavy games like the Final Fantasy series. Would they do multiple languages during the development process thus pushing back the release date for all regions or would there be some kind of down-loadable patch that instantly translates the text into your local dialect?

Final Fantasy XII is a game that is already available in Japan but us UK gamers will have to wait until 2007 (so say the rumours) before we got our hands on it. 🙁

So do you think a global release date for games would be a good or bad idea?

GamesRadar – Global Release For PS3 Games

  • I can’t say I care so much about the global simultaneous game release thing as I do about the fact that games will be regionless. For example, some F1 games only get released in Europe. Now I’ll be able to import that game and play it on my PS3. The whole PAL/NTSC thing would hopefully not be a problem because I’ll be playing the game in HD, not PAL or NTSC. I’ve never imported a game before because I don’t mod my consoles, but with the PS3, I won’t have to mod!

    This is actually one of the thing Mr. Harrison said the BD drive is good for. You can fit all the regions for a game on one disc. Then you can sell this one disc across the world.

  • WonderSteve

    To me, simutaneous or not is no big deal. As long as it comes here, it doesn’t matter

    The big deal is there are a lot of cool games in Japan will never be released in North America for whatever reasons.

    The only demand I have is to keep the both the games and consoles completely region free. If they will translate the games to English, that would be cool. But please don’t prevent me from playing it even if it’s not translated.

    I modded my PS2 just to play Super Robot War Alpha 3!