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New Stranglehold Images | has 5 new images from the Hard Boiled inspired Stranglehold by Midway. Stranglehold

The game features the input of over the top action junkie John Woo & has Chow Yun Fat (who starred in John Woo’s Hard Boiled coincidentally) playing the role of Inspector Tequila. The game is guaranteed to feature Woo’s crazy gunplay & slow mo action sequences which are present in most of his films. Most of John Woo’s films might be classed as eye candy for action fans & I can’t see the game turning out any differently.

Black on the PS2 is that type of game: great looking, good set pieces but let down by cheesy acting & a poor story (don’t even mention the ending!).

Looks good but how will it handle & will it manage to knit together the possibly great action sequences with a good quality story & hopefully decent acting? Hopefully we will find out at E3.

You can find a preview of Stranglehold below:

1up – Stranglehold Preview

You can also find all 23 screens from Stranglehold below:

1up – Stranglehold Screens

  • Jay

    Keep in mind though that the game is a direct sequel to Hard Boiled, not just inspired by it. BIt’s really one of the only games that is a sequel to a movie, so there should definitely be some more story driven gameplay and Hollywood-esque style. All we really have to hope for is that the gameplay is fluid and isn’t always played from one angle. Like swinging from a chandelier. Going into first person for that and being able to look around and shoot folks with your guns while hanging upside down would definitely add more to the gameplay. Even sliding down rails while shooting, have the camera face off in different directions towards enemies and you have to manually aim at them while sliding. That’d be cool as hell