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What I Would Like To See In GTA4 |

GTA 4This is intended as a bit of fun. I thought I would pick one of my favourite games from the PS2 & write what I would like to see in GTA on the PS3. Feel free to add your own ideas & let your imagination run wild.

OK I’ll start with the most predictable wish: better graphics. I want vastly improved draw distance, no more buildings or other large objects popping up suddenly. Better targeting maybe L1 to target, R1 to fire, R2 & L2 to switch targets.
More varied hand to hand combat. Yeah San Andreas allowed you to go to a gym & learn a different style but when you learned a new style it erased the previous one you had learned. Maybe you can keep the styles you had learned & switch styles by pressing L3 or R3.

Now the fun part. I would like to see the introduction of Blimps & Airships, Hot Air Balloons, hang gliders would be cool! Imagine finding a hang glider on top of a hill & then running & jumping off & seeing how far you could glide while shooting random things then getting chased by police in helicopters or bikes below shooting up at you!!! 😆

A circus or amusement park would be a great way to waste away a few hours. You could ride on a roller-coaster or other rides & take part in mini games like the arcades & pool tables they had in San Andreas.
How about breaking in to a zoo & releasing animals to run wild in the city & watch while the authorities try to regain control while mass panic takes over! Or jumping on Zebras & doing ride by shootings getting chased by police on horses. 😀

I would like to be able to enter a lot more buildings & see the surprise on peoples faces when you walk into their home & they chase you out with a loaf of bread or other random objects.

I would like to see the clock run a little slower so the different time of day reflects how busy the roads are & how many people are out & about. If you decide to cause some carnage at say 8.30am & the cops come after you, you will find your progress seriously hampered by how busy the roads are. On the other hand if you start some trouble at say 1am you will have most of the roads to yourself to try & escape. I know previous GTA games reflected this but I want the clock to run slower so it plays a greater part & you notice it more.

I would like to see the introduction of natural disasters. If an earthquake or hurricane hits, it would be great to see how it’s reflected in the game & as you go about continuing the story you will notice building sites popping up & over a number of months you will see the construction sites evolve into finished buildings & newly built bridges etc.


Jet skis would also be very cool! A proper underwater ecosystem would be great with Sharks, Jellyfish etc to make it more hazardous.

Any Countries or Cities in particular you would like the game to be set in? Brazil would be interesting with the beaches in Rio & the slums & gangs. Not too sure about London it’s been done in the rubbish The Getaway.

So what do you guys & girls think? What would you like to see in the next GTA?

  • Michael

    1. Way the hell better graphics like the new getaway ps3.

    2. Characters that react to the situation in real-time like killzone ps3.

    3. Better A.I. like killzone ps3.

    4. Alot more variety to the people, cars and events . Not seeing the same person, or objects such as cars more than THREE times.

    5. Cops attacke more realisticly to crimes- will not start shooting at you unless you first draw fire on them.

    6. Face in game!!!

    7. online modes-death match, team death match, group, with 200 players online at once, Ability to have online play anywhere in the huge game.

    8. 5x bigger than previous ps2 gta games.

    9. could walk into any building in game.

    10. no load times.

    11. more ways to do things such as evading cops, buying weapons.

    12. more interactive with in game characters like the ability to start your own gang and be the boss.

    13. voice communication with characters.

    14. physX physics.

    15. more varied missions and creating our own missions.

    I know that i’m asking alot, but this is my top expectation of a nexy gen game such as gta ps3. I know that with time these features are very possible because of the oh so long blu-ray disc campacity. I think that game developers might actually want to have at leasy much bigger environments noy only to let their imagineation run wild but because of such a large amount of disc space that will in no way be filled up with the average saize game. So, yes, I have have expectations for games, but only because I am looking forward to something way different and alot more engaging and I know that rockstar can pull it off if they really want to.

  • Gary

    5x bigger than San Andreas!!! What do you want an entire state!

  • Michael

    um….if i can have it LOL!! I’m not necessarily expecting the next gta to be five times bigger, but i’m just thinking really big. As I said, with alot of time I don’t see why that isn’t possible. Sure it would take alot of time to create a virtual world that big, but the ps3 hardware is very powerful and the blu-ray discs diffently allow this to be possible. One thing is for sure, Rockstar has done a great job at taking advantage of the ps2 hardware given its limitations, and I expect the Rockstar is very excited about Sony’s now power house and will diffently pull off a really great game experience. I also fully expect them to do lots of innovative things that are only possible on next gen hardware. I expect that MOST of the things on my list WILL be implemented in gta ps3.

  • observer

    First, they have to add the obvious improvements:
    – tech refinements: graphics, sound, physics, AI, networking
    – “more”: dialog, characters, maps, models, mission types, locales, mini-games, music.

    But beyond that, they need to add a completely new gameplay element. I don’t know what it is, but they need to add something totally new. And it has to be good. They can’t just stick with the same general formula and make technical upgrades; even if those tech upgrades are major.

    My expectations are sky-high for the next GTA and I wonder if they are realistic.

  • Michael

    Observer: Yes. i totally believe that your expectations are within reach. more than mine are at least. I mean look at games that have been shown like, getaway ps3, killzone and mgs4 which was proven to be in real-time. I expect no less from the next gta than what you are hoping for.

  • Bingo Bango Bongo

    i would like to see for the last mission – that you can go to an army base and their could be a space rocket their… it would be so cool taking a trip to the moon

  • Gary

    That’s what I’m talking about Bingo Bango Bongo!

    More wacky ideas!

  • observer

    Michael: yes, but all those demos are tech-related. I have no doubt the next GTA will have amazing tech. But, I also expect them to make a major upgrade to the underlying game experience, technology aside.

    Gary+Bongo: I’m not sure whether a circus farm animal in outer space themed GTA would be good or bad.

  • Badboy

    1.exlusive to ps3 because of bliu ray if its not exclusive will be about the same as san andreas
    2.Movie theaters they should set it to a year where alot of good movies were out or a blockbuster or something where if you wanted to download movies to block buster or the movies on your 60gb hdd.

  • Gary

    GTA4: Outer Space…….Hmmm.

    Maybe not but it would be crazy. I think a prison would be a good idea. If you get busted you have to spend some time in prison & try & find a way to break out or even try to take control of the prison from inside.

  • Leo

    I think that a GTA-style game is the perfect place for making PS3 games “Live” as Sony has said. Instead of having totally separate modes for online play, like you have with Liberty City stories, online play should be integrated into the “singleplayer” game. So, say you choose a mission that involves you stealing an item from a gang, than escaping the cops. Well, instead of having the AI be all the opponents, if your PS3 is online, other people could choose to play as the cops or that gang, without going thru the trouble of organizing a game match and waiting for others to join. Another possibilty: instead of doing drive-bys and such with dumb-ass AI partners in crime like in San Andreas, online players could be your partners. Integrated video/voice chat would make the process pretty easy. What do you guys think?

  • Gary

    Hmm now that is exactly what I would use my PS3 online for! Partners in crime. Maybe you could have a 2 player main game but either player could be independent from the other so when one is offline it wouldn’t interrupt the other players game. Then when they come online to play the game you are notified & you can choose to meet up or leave two completely separate lives in the main game even competing against each other.

  • Leo

    Yeah! Video chat would be so sorry for that sarcastc apology “whoops, sorry for running over you in my sport car, pal!”