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Guitar Hero II |

Todd woo-hoo!’ed me with the news that Guitar Hero II is in the making, due for a November release. So November bring both the PS3 and an awesome new PS2 game, cool!

In multiplayer mode one person will be able to play lead guitar while the other plays rhythm or bass. Kinda like good old Frequency, except limited to guitars. Guitar Hero II will use the same guitar peripheral as the first game, and they’re looking to use the same mixture of music genres as the first game. However, they’ll be going for bigger-name artists this time, now that Guitar Hero has had a bit of exposure.

Bring it on! You Rock!

Joystiq – Guitar Hero II interview, dude

  • Jay

    hopefully it’ll have a lot more classic rock. Some more Boston would be nice, but also get some Molly Hatchett and Nazareth in there. Pink Floyd perhaps? Led Zeppelin is out of the question though, but Lynyrd Skynyrd would be nice, some more Queen and ZZ Top as well. Rick Derrenger pmaybe? I can keep going on…

  • Personally I’d like to see some symphonic metal, like Rhapsody. Or how about Nightwish? Within Temptation?