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New poll: PS3 Online – Will You Use It? |

There’s lots of hubbub about online gaming. But the facts are that in the previous generation, only a small fraction of gamers actually went online. Most gamers just enjoyed playing single-player games like God of War or playing games with friends in the same room.

But Microsoft has been touting Xbox Live as the greatest thing since Coke in a can, and Sony is getting in on the act too.

Even though I’m posting this, it was actually Gary who made this poll suggestion. So here’s the question (answer in the sidebar): When you get your PS3, how do you plan to use its online functionality:

  • Play games a lot.
  • Download movie trailers and such.
  • Kick the tires now and then.
  • Not at all.

Results of previous poll:

Is the worldwide launch a good idea?

* Yes. Any PS3’s in my region is better than none.: 73% (64)
* No. Do it right in each region, one at a time.: 12% (11)
* Not sure. Can’t be worse than the 360’s launch!: 15% (13)

Total Votes : 88

  • Gary

    At this present moment in time online gaming or downloading of movie trailers etc doesn’t interest me at all. And don’t even get me started on paying for extra content for a game that I’ve already bought via download!!

    I mainly enjoy single player games & I’m not against having multiplayer games with friends in the same room as me. If I wanted to watch movie trailers I can do that on my (admittedly rubbish) PC so unless my PS3 offers me a better web browsing service than my current PC I’ll be sticking to using that for multimedia content & my PS3 for gaming & maybe BD movies eventually.

    I suppose I could challenge Henning to a game of Gran Turismo online in the future…..

  • JustME

    Yes I will use it. And yes it will be better then Xbox. 😛