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PS3 Ridge Racer 7 At E3 |

CVG is reporting that the latest edition of Namco’s Ridge Racer series is in development & will be shown off at E3:

According to our old friends at respected Japanese publication Famitsu, work on Ridge Racer 7 is already well underway and, surprisingly, it’s set to make its playable debut at this year’s E3.

The latest word is that Ridge Racer 7 is being developed by series producer and PSP vet, Hideo Teramoto, and it’s being directed by Masaya Kobayashi with sound duties being performed by Hiroshi Okubuo.

I will admit I enjoyed the first 3 Ridge Racers but the latter games became a little stale & lost some of the arcadey power sliding goodness that made the first 3 Ridge Racers so enjoyable.

I can’t wait to see what they will have done with the graphics though. Oh & it’s rumoured that it will support 14 players for online racing madness.

CVG – Ridge Racer 7 at E3

  • WonderSteve

    According the (A reliable site to get gaming news from Japan in English), Ridge Racer 7 will be an exclusive title for PS3. It will be a launch title. The setting of the game in 2010 with 200 different vehicles. Namco’s goal is to at least have 16 players battle online together.

    I love Ridge racer. It’s a simple and quick racing game with a lot of power sliding! It’s good to take a break from GT sometimes and play RR.