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Next Gen Audio With Metal Gear Solid 4 |

GameSpot has a very interesting article about how sound could well play a big part in next gen gaming experiences, speaking to MGS4’s sound director Sotaro Tojima:


The new audio-processing capabilities of the PlayStation 3 allow Tojima and his team to manipulate sound in a variety of different ways. Tojima says that, “With this power, we can give the player a better environment to experience, as the hardware can produce more sounds in real time based on where the player is in a room and what objects are in that room.” Last year’s Tokyo Game Show trailer emphasized the theme “No place to hide!” and Tojima, as sound director, will do all he can to envelop the player in the world of Metal Gear Solid. “In a battlefield with no place to hide, you will hear impending dangers all around you, in all 360 degrees.”

I remember when MGS3: Snake Eater was revealed as taking place in a jungle with no radar to spot enemies, a friend of mine (let’s call him Michael) kept going on & on saying “You will need to get a 5.1 surround system or the game will be unplayable. There’s no radar to spot enemies so you will have to rely on sound so you will NEED surround sound!!!!” Now he does tend to overreact from time to time (well all the time 😉 ) but he did have a point. I did go & buy a 5.1 surround sound system & my gaming experiences since then have been greatly improved with games that have utilised surround sound.

It sounds as though surround sound will play an even bigger role on PS3 but I haven’t a clue about 7.1 surround sound. Two extra speakers!! That might work if you have a gaming room with your TV in the middle of the room but what about us poor folk who can only squeeze in our PS2s & PS3s where we find the room? Where will we put the extra speakers?!

GameSpot – Next Gen Audio With MGS4

  • Black Guy

    iThink they’ll have an option 4 basic stereo in the game. They will make the game playable by much ppl as possible.

    7.1 is not very useful for the average folks. If u living in cash and can afford an Edwards Cinema in your mansion, then 7.1 may b what u need. Those 2 channels r usually needed to fill in the gaps between the front and rear channels in a very large space.

    Both of the next gen DVD formats have 5.1 support as the standard. So even w/ BR or HDDVD, those 2 extra side channels may b mute or “simulating” the extra channels which never sounds good. Another thing, most 7.1 home theater systems don’t have enough wattage to make the extra 2 speakers hit. Above a certain volume, most begin to clip or become distorted. Although the harmon kardon systems have received great reviews.

  • WonderSteve

    I say why not. There are “average folks” that actually own 7.1 surround sound system. I heard it before. It’s totally amazing with DTS..

    With the extra space that Blu-ray offer, I don’t see why shouldn’t companies add higher qualify soundtracks on the game. Mean while, they should also include both Japanese and English tracks in the game too!

  • Matt

    7.1 is useless to the average person. If your room is 12×12 their is no “hole” in the soundstage to fill. 7.1 is great if your room is 12×20. 6.1 could be more usefull since it adds a speaker in a place that can be more uselfull (directly behind you). I have 6.1 with speakers worth $1000s of dollars. I also have a 50″ HDTV. Hold on, I am not trying to gloat. The point is there are only a few people with this kind of setup that can take advantage of sound this great. This isn’t the average gamer. Why would they include sound that is necessary to enjoy the game.

    I belive that with the newer Dolby and THX formats the channels are more seperate. My 360 has a much improved sound over my PS2 and Xbox. If Devs can get the sound to flow from one channel to the next with a realistic dropoff/pickup that would be impressive. Oblivion does this very well.

    I think Tojima is refering more to quality recordings of glass breaking, door knobs turning, etc. This would be something that most people would appreciate.

    If you don’t have Dolby Digital surround sound get it. Home Theatre in a box is junk but atleast it can give you a new experience with movies and gaming. Once you taste “Home Theatre” you will gradually upgrade your system into something like mine or even better.